Can a rhesus negative woman with a premature birth that died and a still birth later having had no treatment in any of the two situations have babies later in life?

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Could it be possible to have a positive blood test and two days later have a negative blood test keeping in mind that your period still did not start?

This would require a third test. Somewhere along the line you likely received a false-negative or a false-positive result. If the embryo miscarried it would likely be accompanied by bleeding and cramping. If menses is still absent though your doctor should order a third test and if negative should c ( Full Answer )

If you found a mouse giving birth and she died soon after but the baby is still alive how do you feed it?

mom mouse died . I found a baby mouse once, and I brought it home and put it in a small box with cotton so it would stay warm. I mixed a bit of warm milk, added just a drop of honey, stirred well and either feed it with an eye dropper like the other poster suggested. They should be fed like you w ( Full Answer )

Will having a baby at 25 weeks and 5 days put you at a high risk to have another premature birth?

yes but many pull though, rather rare to lose it so dont worry It depends on why you had a 25 week baby in the first place. If it was a multiple birth or high risk due to a congenital problem then it isn't necessarily so unless it is another of the same condition. If, for some reason you use drugs ( Full Answer )

Can you still get pregnant if you are on birth control and took two home pregnancy tests and they both were negative but you are having pregnancy symptoms?

Answer . Yes you can still get pregnant if you are on birth control but if you have taken two tests and they both say no... one of two things could be true. First you could be but it hasn't been long enough since conception for the tes to detect. Second, your not pregnant, you can show pregnancy ( Full Answer )

Can having a baby at 14 cause problems having a baby later?

a period is a sign your body is ready for a baby so no it will not cause problems in later life. but if you are not ready within your self then i advise you go see your GP i have just had a baby and i am only 18 i also have been pregnant before hand

Is a premature birth a birth defect?

not really, there is a chance that the baby could have a defect but that can happen to even a baby that was born on time. Premature birth means that the baby was born early, therefore it is smaller than a normal baby and it may not becompletely developed. It all depends on how premature it is.

Does birth control hurt your body later on in life?

Yes. There are different side effects and one of those is a lot of extra weight because your body thinks it pregnant and causes you to be as hungry as if you were eating for 2.

How do you get treatment later in life for a cleft lip and cleft palate?

The only treatment for a cleft lip or palate currently, regardless of age, is surgery. Most doctors recommend that this be taken care of early on in life, as ear disease, dental problems, and speech can be severely affected. Correcting a cleft lip/palate is highly important to take care of at a youn ( Full Answer )

If you have a dream of giving birth premature then the baby dies what does that mean?

This dream has several different interpretations depending on the situation of the dreamer. If the dreamer is pregnant, then the dream is a frightening but natural dream, probably triggered by changing hormones. Studies have shown that pregnant woman who dream of difficult childbirth actually have - ( Full Answer )

Can a girl get pregnant two days after her period and she takes birth control a week later?

Yes, she can. In addition, she can get pregnant on any day. Take her period out of the equation. Outside of abstinence, there are no safe days to have sex without the possibility of becoming pregnant. Contrary to popular belief - although rare - it is possible to become pregnant even while a women i ( Full Answer )

When is color blindness detected at birth or later in live?

First of all i gotta say that people like to mess with this website, I don't do this im smart and i know people at school need this stuff so.......... You get the disorder making you not see the colors red, blue, or have a black and white vison, It's mostly found in males because males have only X c ( Full Answer )

Took 5 birth control pills then 3 day later took 6 still bleeding?

You are taking way too much birth control pills at once, which is not good for your body at all. By taking that many pills at once, it is considered overdosing. By doing so, it will not stop any of our bleeding, however, it will make it worse because you are putting too much hormones in your body at ( Full Answer )

How is prematurity or premature birth diagnosed?

Prematurity is diagnosed by determining the gestational age of the baby using ultrasound imaging, calculating from a date of conception, using the Dubowitz exam, electronic fetal monitoring, blood samples.

How is prematurity or premature birth treated?

Treatment depends on the complications. Often the premie is placed in a heat-controlled unit, fed oxygen, intravenous feedings, fetal monitoring, massage, may require drugs or surgery.

What are the causes of prematurity or premature birth?

Premature birth is caused by premature labor, placental abruption, placenta previa, premature rupture of membranes, incompetent cervix, maternal toxemia, drug abuse or is usually unknown.

How may prematurity or premature birth be prevented?

If the mother receives good prenatal care, eats well, avoids drug/alcohol abuse, and stops smoking. Bed rest or drugs may be given to stop labor. Neonatal intensive care units can also increase survival chances.

A women gives birth to a son two years later she gives birth to another son what is the probability that her third child will be a girl?

There are no relationship between this 3 events, the probability to give birth to a girl can not be deduce from previous birth given by a women. So the probability that the third child will be a girl is the same for this woman as for any other woman, no matter what happened before. It's like ro ( Full Answer )

How do later marriages contribute to low birth rate?

some people would have difficulty giving birth due to latermarriages. Later marriages mean marrying at an older age.Therefore, at an older age, women would tend to have miscarraigemore easily. miscarriage would be losing the baby in your stomach.the foetus would die in the mother's womb and eventual ( Full Answer )