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Can a seal see in the dark?

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Can cockroaches see in the dark?

Cockroaches have compound eyes like most insects. Their eyes enable  them to see in very low light conditions, but not in total  darkness.

Can a pug see in the dark?

Pugs are unable to see in the dark due to they are colour blind and in the dark everything appears black.

Can plecostomus see in the dark?

No, but they can smell in the dark! Plecos have an excellent sense of smell and touch. They are predominantly found in the Amazon, of which some parts are dark and gloomy even

Can cats see in the dark?

YES and NO.While cats cannot see in total darkness, they are able to see much better than humans in instances of reduced light.  The structure of the cat's eye permits superb

How was Bilbo able to see in the darkness?

If you are referring to the part in Gollum's cave he could only see because his sword, Sting glowed blue in the presence of orcs and goblins. Although there where none in that

Can kangaroos see well in the dark?

Kangaroos have exceptional eyesight, and because they are nocturnal, it can be assumed that they also see very well in the dark. A recent scientific study which considered the

Which animals can see well in the dark?

i dont think that any animals can fully see in the dark but some have improved night vision like cats Owls and cats have improved vision in the dark. Bats cannot see in the da
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Why can't we see objects in the dark?

Our eyes are not able to see anything in a dark room because in a dark room everything is seemed to be black. So as a result we can see nothing in the dark room