Can a single lamp lcd monitor be used in place of a dual lamp lcd monitor. My HP pavilion laptop needed a replacement monitor for the HDX 16 1025NR model and was a dual lamp. Can I usea single lamp?

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Does a LCD monitor need a screensaver?

NOT REALLY, Older displays used technology that used Phosphors that were charged to make colors display. When an image was on the screen too long the phosphors would sometimes

Can you replace backlight lamp CCFL in your laptop LCD screen?

Yes, you can replace the backlight lamp aka CCFL in your laptop but it's not easy. You'll have to take apart the laptop display panel, remove the LCD screen and then disasse

How do you replace CCFL Lamps in LCD monitor?

To replace CCFL Lamps you must open the monitor and pull out the old bulbs, solder the leads coming off the bulbs onto the new ones and replace back into the monitor. Some goo

How do you change a computer monitor lamp?

You unscrew it and take off the metal thing surrounding the it. I recommend going on youtube because there are some good videos that show you how to do it.

What is LCD monitor?

An LCD monitor is a liquid crystal display. The LCD monitor has alarge number of pixels and uses liquid crystals to help light thedisplay.

Where are LCD Monitors used?

LCD monitors are used for computers as well as televisions andcells phone displays. They are used in homes, businesses, and bythe military.

Where is the lamp on a50v710 lcd tv?

\nThat sounds like a Hitachi model number. ON the front, to the left hand side should be a panel that you can remove to obtain access to the lamp. Most likely it'll be embos

What is a LCD monitor?

It is a liquid crystal display, the most popular type of computer screen today.

Exactly which lamps are monitored by the lamp out module on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

So, I'm answering my own question after not finding the answer here and buying the Ford factory wiring diagram book.. The LOM monitors the low beam headlights, the parking (t

How do you connect a laptop to an LCD monitor?

Laptops have a VGA out port (D shaped and usually blue) which can be connected to a monitor with a VGA cable.. i tried mine with a gateway t-series 1625 laptop to FPD1975W TF