Can a single lamp lcd monitor be used in place of a dual lamp lcd monitor. My HP pavilion laptop needed a replacement monitor for the HDX 16 1025NR model and was a dual lamp. Can I usea single lamp?

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How do you check or replace the illumination lamp for the LCD odometer on a 2002 Ford Escape?

Answer . I asked the question, now I'll answer it (thanks to Tom at Jordan Ford for his help):\nDisconnect the battery to prevent the airbag from possibly activating. Remove two screws from top of instrument panel cover, then pull it straight toward you and remove it. Then remove four screws that hold the instrument cluster in place. Pull the loose cluster rearward enough to access and unplug three wire harness connectors. Remove the instrument cluster.\nLamp sockets can be removed by turning counterclockwise about 90 degrees. Light bulbs can be pulled straight out of the socket and replaced. They are an Auto Parts Store item.

Does a LCD monitor need a screensaver?

NOT REALLY, Older displays used technology that used Phosphors that were charged to make colors display. When an image was on the screen too long the phosphors would sometimes "burn out" with the constant energy and leave that ghastly image on the screen called "BURN IN". A LCD screen uses a completely different technology, (liquid crystals that are charged). A LCD screen can sometimes get what is called "IMAGE PERSISTANCE" which kinda creates a ghost image on the screen. This is usually only a temporary problem which can be easily fixed. The best way is to make a background that is completely white and have the screen display that for a few hours. When you do this you can bring up the brightness on your display to its max setting. This should solve any persistant images on the screen. SO.... a screen saver wouldn't hurt, but it won't cause as many problems as going without used to.. Hope this helps. Cheers

Can a LCD TV be used as a computer monitor?

Using LCD TV for Computer Monitor . Depending on the manufacturer and the capabilities of your computer, yes, it's possible. Many people do use LCD TV's for their computers for gaming and general computing use. The larger screen of the big sets really do make for great viewing of pictures and DVD's played from your computer.

How the lamp is used?

it is used to see words and/or other objects when the sunlight cant reach it, so mankind created lamp.

Can a LCD monitor be used as a tv screen?

Monitors by definition have no tuner, so to use one as a TV you would need a tuner card in your computer. There were some tuner boxes for that purpose but they never caught on. Some tivo type boxes will use a monitor too.. Yes it can as long as it has the correct input cables.

Can you replace backlight lamp CCFL in your laptop LCD screen?

Yes, you can replace the backlight lamp aka CCFL in your laptop but it's not easy. You'll have to take apart the laptop display panel, remove the LCD screen and then disassemble the LCD screen. This project my take a few hours and if you have no experience you can damage the screen. If the backlight lamp is bad I would recommend replacing the hole screen. Instructions for removing the screen you can find in the laptop service manual. A new screen you can find on the Internet if you search by the part number. The part number is usually located on the back of the LCD screen.

How do you replace CCFL Lamps in LCD monitor?

To replace CCFL Lamps you must open the monitor and pull out the old bulbs, solder the leads coming off the bulbs onto the new ones and replace back into the monitor. Some good guides are found at: or: has some guides in the members section.

Define CRT monitors and LCD monitors?

CRT Stands For Cathod Ray Tubes a Type Of miniter where the The DIsplay Is fired By Gun To Screen and LCD Stands For Liquid Crystal Display where the screen is made up of a Liquid crystals

What is LCD monitor?

An LCD monitor is a liquid crystal display. The LCD monitor has alarge number of pixels and uses liquid crystals to help light thedisplay.

Where are LCD Monitors used?

LCD monitors are used for computers as well as televisions andcells phone displays. They are used in homes, businesses, and bythe military.

Where is the lamp on a50v710 lcd tv?

\nThat sounds like a Hitachi model number. ON the front, to the left hand side should be a panel that you can remove to obtain access to the lamp. Most likely it'll be embossed with the word, `LAMP'.

Exactly which lamps are monitored by the lamp out module on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

So, I'm answering my own question after not finding the answer here and buying the Ford factory wiring diagram book.. The LOM monitors the low beam headlights, the parking (tail) lights - but not the small parking lights (194 bulbs) front and rear, the stop lights and the high mount brake light. The turn signals, including the small fender mounted side turn signals are not monitored, as aren't the high beams and the fog lights. And, none of the interior lights are monitored either.. I believe the way to reset the module is to start the engine and step on the brake pedal. I also believe the monitor measures the current for the stop lights every time the brakes are pressed and measures the parking lights and headlights when they are turned on and the brake pedal is pressed.. Note that the system is very accurate. I had NO burned out bulbs, but the LOM light was lit on the overhead console. I finally found that one of the three high mount brake lamps was the wrong type. The current rating for the wrong lamp was almost the same as the correct lamp (2825 @ 400ma X 3 correct, wrong bulb was a 194 @270ma, and only one was a 194!) So, normally the high mount brake lamp should draw 1.2a and it was drawing 1.07a with the single wrong bulb. Quite sensitive! I changed the 194 to a 2825 and Viola! the LOM lamp went off when I stepped on the brake.. Ted

How do you connect a laptop to an LCD monitor?

Laptops have a VGA out port (D shaped and usually blue) which can be connected to a monitor with a VGA cable.. i tried mine with a gateway t-series 1625 laptop to FPD1975W TFT LCD MONITOR but right before i can get into user login it says

How do you connect a hp pavilion dv5000 laptop to an external monitor?

For example: connect to a Sony Bravia LCD TV set 1. Connect between TV's PC IN (RGB port) and dv5000's external monitor port. wire should be come with your TV set. 2. Connect between TV's PC IN (Audio port ) and dv5000's ear phone. 3. Turn TV to Video to Video 8 4. Click dv5000 fn & f4 at same time twice 5. Now you can do you business and both monitors of TV and dv5000 have same picture or text.

Is it possible to get brighter lamps put into my HP HDX 16 laptop screen.... The laptop screen is very dark and kind of annoying compared to my Toshiba Qosmio G35-Av600.... Is there a way?

Well, I'm afraid that won't be possible, and there's a reason to that. Did you note the difference of weight between Toshiba and HP laptops? You see, laptops are not designed for High Quality Multimedia, or gaming. They're simply portable data carriers. They're supposed to be light in weight, and extremely portable, and HP ones do a great job on that. Toshiba, on the other hand, may have provided a better display; yet it compromised over a core-purpose of laptops. Portability and ease of carrying. So in my opinion, you've made a good choice... rather a smart choice. For more info on how to preserve the current display, and tackle other issues, please visit

How can you use your LCD TV as a computer monitor?

Many new computers have either a DVI or an HDMI display port. These are the digital replacements to the 15 pin VGA connector that has been around for many years. Almost all new televisions have an HDMI input. If the computer has an HDMI output, then a simple HDMI cable should carry both video and audio to the television. If the computer has a DVI output, a DVI to HDMI cable can be used because the video element of HDMI is identical to the DVI signal. Unfortunately, DVI does not support audio so a separate cable will be needed for the audio signal. Because of the lack of audio support on DVI, most televisions have at least one HDMI input that has a separate analog audio input that is linked to the HDMI port. Finally, there are a number of televisions that have VGA inputs and can accept VGA directly. Others have a set of five RCA or phono sockets normally marked as R, G, B, H, V. The five connectors will normally handle a VGA signal with the right adaptor cable.

How do you tell if a monitor is a crt or a LCD?

A CRT monitor is much heavier and is a lot bigger front to back. It connects directly to a mains electricity supply and is power hungry. When it it working, getting close to screen will make the hairs on the back of your hand stand up. A LCD monitor of the same viewing size is lighter and physically flatter front to back. It often has an external power supply and uses much less power.

Are LCD monitors high definitions?

For TVs, most lcd monitors are high definition, though it depends on the aspect ratio. If your TV has a ratio of 4:3, then it is a standard definition. If it has 16:9 then it is an HD TV. Most LCD computer monitors these days support High Definition.

Can lcd TVs be used as computer monitors?

In many cases they can be used as a computer display but it is important to check the user manual first. The simplest way to connect a PC to a television is using the HDMI port. HDMI is a television interface but it is compatible with DVI, the digital computer display interface. In most cases, a DVI to HDMI lead is all that is needed. Computer displays run at different frequencies to broadcast material so it is not guaranteed that the computer display will be recognized or displayed properly, hence the need to check in the manual. A few televisions will also accept a VGA signal although these are far less common than HDMI inputs on televisions. If the computer does not have a DVI output, it is possible to obtain USB based DVI display ports. That will provide the right video signal to link to the HDMI port. Note that DVI does not carry sound so a separate audio connection will be needed as well as the video link.

Which is better LCD monitor or LED monitor?

When they say LED they are talking about the backlight. A led monitor is a type of LCD screen. I think what you mean is "Which is better LED monitors or CCFL monitors." The answer to that is LED because they are brighter and they use less power. They can also be clearer.

What are the benefits of dual monitors on a computer?

The benefits of having dual monitors on a computer are that you are able to perform one task in one monitor while doing something else on another. Dual monitors are common in video editing, as the person gets more space on one monitor to preview the video and on other monitor to actually edit it.

Where can one get dual monitor wallpaper?

One can get a dual monitor wallpaper from various homing stores such as Best Buy. You can also buy a dual monitor wallpapers from online websites that sell them.

Can a computer use a dual monitor setup?

The answer is yes, one can have a dual monitor setup when he/she has the materials needed to do it. One can find the equipment used to do this on various websites like Microsoft and wikiHow.

Where can a LCD projector lamp be bought?

LCD projector lamps can be found at several different websites. Try Amazon, the ProjectorSuperstore, and the SonyStore. If there is a local Best Buy, try there, or check out their website as well.

Where can I purchase a HP LCD monitor?

HP LCD monitors can be purchased directly from HP through their website, or either in-store or on-line from any major electronics retailer (Best Buy, Future Shop, etc) or big box store (Walmart etc).

What is the Benq replacement lamps used for?

The Benq replacement lamp is used to replace the lamp of a projector. If your projector lamp breaks or simply dies (it does after typically 10-15 years). You can replace it with a Benq lamp. The Benq lamp is only for LCD and DLP projectors.

Where can one get a dual monitor cable?

There are several online sources where one can purchase a dual monitor cable. Tiger Direct, Amazon, Show Me Cables, Monitor Cables and Cables Plus are websites where one can purchase a dual monitor cable.

What is a TFT LCD monitor used for?

A TFT LCD monitor is used for televisions, mobile phones, and computer monitors. It can also be used for navigation systems and handheld video gaming systems.