There is No father on birth certificate can stepfather adopt?

If the birth father has paid no support and has had no contact with the child for one year, the stepfather may adopt in most states without permission of the birth father. How (MORE)
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Do you have to list the father on the birth certificate?

no you dont. i actually just looked at mine like 2 minutes ago and only my moms name is on there. Because they know for sure which women the kid came out of but to find out fo (MORE)

If the biological father has not signed the birth certificate or affidavit of parentage and has given no support towards the child would a judge be likely to agree to an adoption by the stepfather?

Not without him being contacted as there's a high rate of mothers lying about this. They are receiving cash child support payments while telling everyone they are getting not (MORE)
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How do you remove a child's biological father from the birth certificate?

You need to do some research in your particular jurisdiction. You should start by making an inquiry at the vital records department at your town clerk's office. Most do not ma (MORE)
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Does the biological father have to sign the birth certificate?

No, not unless it is court ordered via a court ordered paternity test for the purposes of child support. However, if he is positive he is the biological father, and I mean 100 (MORE)