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When is icse board exams of are starting and please tell the month along with the date?

i want to know the ICSE board exam time able?   2/3/2009-English Language   3/3/2009-English Literature   5/3/2009-Computer   9/3/2009-mathematics   13/3/2009-P (MORE)

Can a student of final year of his graduation give gmat exam?

GMAT is for perspective students of business graduate school. The score record lasts for 5 years so some people choose to take it before their graduation of bachelor's degree (MORE)
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What happens a 14 year old girl physical exam with a DETAILED doctar details please?

Im 14 year old girl and had a medical in school last week with the school doctor when I went in the nurse took some details off me then weight and checked my height then she d (MORE)

Do class teacher can restrict student from last or final exam?

Yes, a class teacher can restrict a student from last or final exam, but there has to be a good reason. If you think the teach is unjustly fair then go to the office and speak (MORE)
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How do you apply for 12 improvement exam?

There are few ways on how do you apply for a 12 improvement exam. One is filling out a ICSE form online and when submitted they should guide you the right way. You could also (MORE)