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Can a woman 3 months pregnant take an antiemetic?

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Should a four-month pregnant woman take antibiotics?

  Answer   An infection is potentially more hazardous to an unborn child than are some of the antibiotics. Your doctor should be told that you're pregnant and then h

Can you take malaria tablets when 3 months pregnant?

  Answer 1   You really should not take any medications while pregnant as the outcome of the birth may make it difficult for the development of the baby. Check with y

What precautions should take by a 8 month pregnant woman?

There essential precautions that should be taken by a 8-month  pregnant woman. They should avoid strenuous activities and also  ensure that they are not subjecting the baby

Can a woman get pregnant after 3 months of intercourse?

Yes, if the sex is unprotected sex, by which we mean that contraceptives such as condoms or the pill etc are not used. If it is unprotected sex then a woman can get pregnant f

Can a woman who is 4 months pregnant take antibacterial medicine?

If it's prescribed for her by her doctor, yes. Nobody should ever take any antibiotics that have not been specifically prescribed for them, and anyone getting a prescription f
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Where can one buy clothes for a woman that is 3 months pregnant?

There are many different places to buy clothes for a woman who is three months pregnant. Maternity stores offer clothing for pregnant women that adjusts to fit throughout the