Can an adult child get deceased parent retirement?

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It depends on the details, but for most pensions, benefits stop with the death of the individual concerned, or possibly upon the death of their spouse.
So, probably not.
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What rights does an adult child have living in the home of deceased parents with no will?

Anyone living in such a home has only the rights granted by the heirs who acquire the home under the local statutes of intestacy. If they want you evicted immediately, they ca (MORE)

What are the rights of an adult child to the parents home that the adult child lived in with parents whos parents both deceased and there was no will?

The estate of the last surviving parent must be probated in order for title to the real estate to pass to the heirs at law. If your parent died intestate (without a will) then (MORE)

Should adult child of a deceased parent transfer savings account to the living parent?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more information. Were you the Executor of the deceased's parent estate? Was the will probated? Who's name (or names) wa (MORE)