Can an off-duty police officer give you a ticket in California?

I don't know for sure, but if they have take home cars that they are allowed to drive in their off time, I would imagine that means that they are always on duty. Answer Yes, (MORE)

Can an off duty police officer issue a ticket?

Answer . It depends upon the laws of the state/municipality where the violation occurred. Law officers in many communities are never considered "off duty" and can issue t (MORE)

Can an off duty police officer who saw you speeding or driving recklessly have a ticket issued to you well after the act was observed based on him noting your license plate in Ontario?

YES! Basically a police officer in the province of Ontario has 30 days to issue you a regular Provincial Offences Act ticket. As long as he can identify the driver, he wou (MORE)

Can an off duty police officer give you a ticket in Florida?

Yes. As long as they are within their jurisdictional boundaries they may personally issue you a citation. Officers/Deputies/Troopers are on duty 24/7 and there certifications (MORE)

Can an off duty police officer from another city give you traffic ticket?

Yes, although it would be impractical. Police officers generally retain their police powers throughout the state where they are commissioned (there are exceptions, especially (MORE)