Can anyone please tell me how to remove the motor from the Eureka smart boss upright 4870 upright vacuum cleaner?

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What is the difference between eureka 4870 vacuum models?

Answer . From a note from Eureka Consumer Relations: "The 4870 and the 4870 d/dt/f/g/gz/gzx/hz/j/k are different types of the same model. The letters following the mode

Reviews for Bissell upright vacuums?

Bissell is a reputable name in the vacuum cleaner business. You could find reviews on cnet, or go to amazon or newegg and read the customer reviews. You could also look at con

How do Bissell upright vacuums operate?

Bissell upright vacuums probably operate just like any other vacuum cleaner. When you flip the switch, they begin to produce suction so that floor debris can be picked up and

Are upright vacuum cleaners more efficent?

"Not necessarily, an upright vacuum can be more efficient but depending on the type or price it may not be. Some of the other types can do better than an upright vacuum, and a

What is the best upright vacuum in 2013?

According to Top Ten Reviews, the upright vacuum cleaner which made the number one spot for the year of 2013 is the Miele Bolero which costs about a thousand dollars.

How easy is it to use upright vacuum cleaners?

Upright vacuums are relatively easy to use on flat surfaces such as carpeted floors. Many are lightweight and contain various attachments that enable ease of use when cleaning
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Where can one shop for an upright vacuum?

An upright vacuum can be bought at various stores depending on the make and brand of the vacuum. Also when considering buying an upright vacuum, whether one wants a bagged or
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Where can a person buy a Eureka Maxima Upright vacuum?

Eureka is a popular brand name in vacuums. One can purchase a Eureka Maxima Upright vacuum from many retailers. Sears, Canadian Tire, and Best Buy all sell this and other Eu

Where can one find more information about upright vacuum cleaners?

One can find information about upright vacuum cleaners by visiting a store like Canadian Tire, or Sears and talking to the sales clerk. Another option is to check a few site