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Can anyone set up to service home loans?

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How to you set up of American service?

  This is an international website - if you resubmit this question with more specific details about whatever "service" you're thinking of, and who would be doing the "sett

Who is BAC Home Loans Servicing LP?

BAC Home Loans Servicing, LLP is part of Bank of America. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They call m

Ein for bac home loans servicing lp?

BAC Home Loans is not Countrywide. BAC Home Loans Servicing is the combined entity of Countrywide and Bank of America. What address are you looking for BAC? Payments? Go on B

How do you purchase a home owned by BAC home loan servicing?

You find out who in the lender's organization is responsible for placing the property with a broker and attempt to make an offer. If the property is foreclosed and the borrowe

Has anyone used Personal Credit Services for getting a loan?

I got approved for an unsecured loan for $10,000 through Personal Credit Services. PCS is a good service, you do have to pay a referral fee but they send a bunch of lenders th

Who is the agent for service of process of bac home loans?

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP was incorporated in many states, California included. As of present date the California registration has been canceled. Upon research of the SEC we