If you are 5 days late having had unprotected sex two days before you were due but had already taken the morning after pill that cycle and had a mini perid two weeks early could you be pregnant?

Ok what about before the incident. You said you had a mini period two weeks ago and when did you take the moring after pill. I cant give you a honest answer because there are (MORE)

If you had sex February 26th when is your due date?

Pregnancy due dates are calculated from the first day of your last period. If your cycle is 28 days, and your most fertile day was the 26th of February, that would mean that t (MORE)
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Muck up day ideas?

Muck up day refers to the last day of school before students haveannual exams and it is a day students play pranks and practicaljokes. Putting a for sale sign in front of the (MORE)
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First time starting ovcon35 missed some doses doubled up on some days used another brand on days skipped and had raw sex on day cycle due and doubled up that day too what r chances of pregnancy?

Very high - if you are going to use a birth control method, you need to use it and not fool around with it. Stick to one pill and take it as directed, or use a condom and sper (MORE)