Can your employer cancel your health insurance when you are on short term or long term disability because you did not make a payment on your insurance like is normally done through your paycheck?

Your employer's obligation to pay premiums normally stops when your paycheck does, that is, when your medical and personal leave is exhausted, and there is nothing left to ded (MORE)

How soon can you start receiving short term disability benefits after just purchasing it?

"Purchasing" disability benefits usually means that you enter into a contractual agreement with an insurance company, i.e. you subscribe to or take out a "policy". The insuran (MORE)

Are you required to pay for health insurance while on short term disability?

That depends upon whether you are covered under FMLA, and the percentage of premium paid by your employer. If you are covered under FMLA, then your employer is required to (MORE)
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How would you benefit from having short term health insurance?

Short term health insurance is very beneficial whether you're planning on being out on medical leave of not. It provides you with an income when you're expecting to be out of (MORE)

Can you receive short term disability from your employer and benefits from car insurance for lost wages at same time?

It depends on the state you live in, the Short Term Disability contract, and other factors. Most employer-sponsored group disability policies will reduce (or "offset") the (MORE)