Can disability benefits be garnished in Arizona?

SSD and other Social Security benefits are exempt by federal law from garnishment by judgment creditors. The exception is IRS garnishment for tax arrearages and court ordered (MORE)

How is disability benefits garnished for child support?

SSI cannot be garnished. SSDI has a separate child benefit check, so a modification should be made so that the obligation will equal it, but any arrears can still be deducted. (MORE)

Can disability benefits be garnished in California for credit card debt?

No. Disability benefits are exempt from garnishment by a creditor. Note: Even though such benefits are immune to creditor attachment if the beneficiary comingles their funds (MORE)

When you are awarded Social Security Disability why do you have to repay a portion of your benefit to the insurance carrier when you paid LTD benefits through your employer with after tax dollars?

There are two circumstances in which you would have to repay benefits once you qualify for Social Security disability benefits: The first is if you own an individual Disabili (MORE)