Can oxygen exist as liquid and solid?

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Yes, oxygen can exist as liquid and solid depending on the temperature and pressure.

Is oxygen a solid liquid or a gas?

Oxygen is an element and can be in all of the listed phases however oxygen is normally a gas (that you breath) under normal temp. and Pressure. Oxygen can be liquified if cool

Is oxygen a solid liquid or gas?

As it occurs in the Earth's atmosphere, the oxygen molecule is agas. However it can be a solid, liquid, or a gas, depending on thetemperature and pressure in which it is found

Can oxygen be a solid or a liquid?

Oxygen has a boiling point and also a melting point. At -297.4 degrees F (-183 o C) it will begin to melt, that is like condinsation. At -361 degrees F (-218.4 o C) it will

Does oxygen exist in a solid form?

Solid oxygen O 2 , like liquid oxygen , is a clear substance with a light sky-blue color caused by absorption in the red which occur at normal atmospheric pressure at
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Is oxygen a liquid or solid?

Oxygen is usally a Gas. It can be liquified if cooled past its boiling point. And it can become a solid if cooled past its melting point. Oxygen can be in all three states but