Can someone explain the differences between the 55 300mm ed vr af s dx nikkor zoom lens the 70 300mm ed af s vr nikkor zoom lens and the tamron af 70 300mm Di LD?

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What is the meaning of 18-135mm f3.5-5.6g ed-if af-s dx?

This is a Nikon lens that was originally released around 2005. AF-Sstands for Auto Focus-Silent Wave Motor. This means that the lenshas an autofocus motor built into it, so the cameras used with itdo not have to have AF motors built into them. "DX" refers to thesize of the camera sensor; the sensor (MORE)

How does the nikor vr lens stabilize the lens for sharper photos?

Camera shake refers to jiggles and vibration of the camera that cause an image to move on the CCD and other types of image sensors during exposure, resulting in blurry pictures. Nikon uses two types of sensors in lenses to detect pitching (on the vertical axis) and yawing (on the horizontal axis) an (MORE)

Nikkor 18-200 vr lens is it good or not too good?

\nit's an okay lens... depends on your experience as a photographer. It's a good all around "super zoom," but wouldn't be recommended for fast action (highschool to pro level), low light photography or macro. Basically... good as a walk around lens without the need of ultra wide angles or super t (MORE)

What is the best zoom lens for Nikon camera?

There is no single answer to this question unless you say more about what you mean by "best"; do you mean the best possible quality, the lightest, the biggest range, widest or longest or best value?. Having said all that(!), I'd suggest the single most useful lens is the 18-200mm - it covers most c (MORE)

What is a good zoom lens for Nikon d300?

It does depend on what kind of photography you want to do; if you want to do sports photography then you need a quite different lens from a landscape or portrait photographer. Probably the most generally useful lens is the 18-200mm VR.

What is a zoom lens?

A zoom lens is a lens of a camera which contains a mechanicalassembly of inner lenses, which allow the focal length of thecamera to be rapidly altered.

When would you use a 300mm lens?

Most lenses with a focal length of more than 200mm are commonly used for shooting sports and wildlife. A long telephoto lens -- in conjunction with a large aperture -- also has the side-effect of producing an exceptionally smooth background blur.

What does 75-300mm mean?

this is the number of millimeters a lens will make a sharp image at, usually from its back element. 50mm is usual on 35mm film your eye sees a subject. Digital is different for each camera.

What is the difference between a telephoto and zoom lens?

A telephoto lens is a camera lens that is typically used for takingphotographs of subjects that are a distance away such as alandscape. They are also used for subjects that the photographercan not get close to such as wildlife, and sporting events. A zoomlens allows the photographer to get very clos (MORE)

Does zoom lens work as wide angle and teleview lens?

It depends on the range of the zoom, the size of the film format, and to some degree, the opinion of the photographer. For 35mm cameras, 50mm is considered "normal", and any lens that goes from about 50% shorter AND longer than that can be consdered a zoom that works as both wide and telephoto. An e (MORE)

What is the best Nikon zoom camera lens?

dependant on your application. I have shot with a variety of Nikon zooms and find that for sports and low light the AS-F 70-200mm 2.8 VR is about the best there is. However if the price on that is a bit daunting, the 70-300mm VR or 80-40mm VR might be up your alley. Although the 2 latter don't have (MORE)

How many inches in 300mm?

There you go 300 millimeters = 11.8110236 inches Bashar Direct Conversion Formula . 300 mm . . 1 in 25.4 mm . = . 11.81102362 in. 300 mm = 11.811 inches

What does 75-300mm mean on a camera lens?

It means the focal length of the lens is infinitely adjustable from 75 to 300 millimeters. And the focal length is important as it represents the field of view. A wide angle lens might have a 90 degree field of view which is wider than the average human eye and might help create an artistic effec (MORE)

Magnification of a 300mm lens?

In photography we never talk about 3X or 4X magnification and it's a telephoto not a telescopic lens. A lens with a given focal length on a given camera gives a certain view which may be: "normal" = approximately the same perception as the human eye "telephoto" = reaches out and just selects a part (MORE)

300mm how many inches?

300mm =11.81 inches Direct Conversion Formula . 300 mm . . 1 in 25.4 mm . = . 11.81102362 in.

Can you get a zoom lens for your digital camera?

It depends on the camera. If it has detachable lenses, there should be a variety of zoom lenses available. Vivitar and Sigma are good manufacturers, and of course your camera manufacturer's offerings are the best choices of all.

Explain rotation af the earth?

A complete spin of the earth on it's own axis is the rotation. It takes approx. 24 hour for earth to take one complete rotation.

Camera zoom lens was invented in..?

digital cameras --------------------------------------- Zooms have been around a Lot longer than digital cameras, but it wasn't until the mid '70's that computers were used to help design them, making them more affordable and efficient (smaller)

Which is a better lens Telephoto or zoom?

A "zoom" lens just means that the lens can change its length (e.g. 18-55, or 80-200mm). A telephoto lens is one that make objects look significantly "closer" than they really are (usually defined as anything above 100mm, but this can vary based on the camera model). So confusingly enough, zoom is (MORE)

What do you do if the zoom lens gets stuck?

ok, so if u mean its stuck half way, like when u turn it on and its getting into focus and stuff, then this is what i did. this seriously JUST happened to me and i was freaking out then i figured it out and decided to help someone else out with the same problem . here is what u do... turn the camera (MORE)

Which DSLR is better Nikon D40 or D60 Money nor lens being an issue because I own a Nikkor 28mm a Nikkor 52mm and a Telephoto 180-300mm lens occcasionaly I will make poster size prints?

You list the 28mm & 50mm prime lenses. If these are AF lenses, they will only autofocus on the midrange and up Nikon cameras. The Entry level D40, D60, and D5000 cameras do not have autofocus motors in body, they rely upon an AF-S lens for autofocus. To replace those lenses with AF-S versions would (MORE)

What's the difference between a varifocal lens and a zoom lens?

Both varifocal and zoom lenses are built with movable elements that permit changing the effective focal length. A lens might be specified as 3.5-8mm or 6.5-52 mm, meaning the focal length can be adjusted within these ranges. The key difference between a varifocal and a zoom lens can be explained by (MORE)

What type of lens is a 300MM?

A 300mm lens is a telephoto lens, which will magnify the subject. It used to be that a 300mm lens was actually 300mm long, but with the use of compound lenses, they can be shorter, but have a "virtual" length of 300mm. On a 35mm camera, about 50mm is the "natural" lens size -- most cameras come w (MORE)

What is better a 75-300mm lens or a 55-250mm lens?

Since we do not know specifically which lenses do you mean (f-stops, brand name), the best advice that we can give you is to try out the lenses and find the one that suits you better, be it build quality, weight or manipulation. Generally, you get what you pay for, in case the two would be different (MORE)

What VR stand for camera lens?

"VR" is a Nikon thing. It means "vibration reduction." It's got two parts to it. In the camera body, there are two angular velocity sensors. One of them detects up-and-down shaking, the other detects side-to-side shaking. In the lens there is one glass element that's got two motors attached to it (MORE)

How do you get zoom lens in Pokemon black?

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What does AF-s in AF-s Lens stand for?

AF-s stands for Autofocus-Silent. These lenses from Nikon use an ultrasonic motor (also known as a "Silent Wave Motor" (SWM)) focus quietly and quickly. It is similar to Canon's "USM" technology. Introduced in 1996.

What does Nikon AF-S mean?

Auto Focus Silent wave motor. Most AF-s lenses let you manually override the auto focus by turning the focus ring without having to flick switches on the lens.

Where can someone purchase a Tamron Lens?

Tamron lenses can be purchased directly from Tamron's own websites, one of which is based in Europe and another in America. Alternatively, they can be purchased from eBay.

Where can someone buy a replacement Nikon zoom lens?

One may buy a replacement Nikon zoom lens at nearly any store that carries Nikon brand cameras. For example, one may buy a replacement Nikon zoom lens at stores such as Best Buy or Walmart. Alternatively, one may find them online at websites such as eBay or Amazon.

When was the Canon EF 300mm lens invented?

In 1822 Augustin Jean Fresnel invented the basis of the technology that went into making the Canon 70-300mm lens. The specific Canon EF 300mm lens was not invented, only modified from the original lens technology invented in 1822.

What is special about the Canon 75 300mm?

The Canon EF 75 300 mm is a lens for the Canon SLR cameras. This lens is special as it offers a high degree of zoom, takes high scope and quality pictures, and covers up to 300 mm in lengths.