Can someone explain the differences between the 55 300mm ed vr af s dx nikkor zoom lens the 70 300mm ed af s vr nikkor zoom lens and the tamron af 70 300mm Di LD?

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What is the meaning of 18-135mm f3.5-5.6g ed-if af-s dx?

This is a Nikon lens that was originally released around 2005. AF-Sstands for Auto Focus-Silent Wave Motor. This means that the lenshas an autofocus motor built into it, so th

Nikkor 18-200 vr lens is it good or not too good?

\nit's an okay lens... depends on your experience as a photographer. It's a good all around "super zoom," but wouldn't be recommended for fast action (highschool to pro leve

When would you use a 300mm lens?

Most lenses with a focal length of more than 200mm are commonly used for shooting sports and wildlife. A long telephoto lens -- in conjunction with a large aperture -- also ha

What does 75-300mm mean on a camera lens?

It means the focal length of the lens is infinitely adjustable from 75 to 300 millimeters. And the focal length is important as it represents the field of view. A wide angl

Magnification of a 300mm lens?

In photography we never talk about 3X or 4X magnification and it's a telephoto not a telescopic lens. A lens with a given focal length on a given camera gives a certain view w

Which DSLR is better Nikon D40 or D60 Money nor lens being an issue because I own a Nikkor 28mm a Nikkor 52mm and a Telephoto 180-300mm lens occcasionaly I will make poster size prints?

You list the 28mm & 50mm prime lenses. If these are AF lenses, they will only autofocus on the midrange and up Nikon cameras. The Entry level D40, D60, and D5000 cameras do no

What type of lens is a 300MM?

A 300mm lens is a telephoto lens, which will magnify the subject. It used to be that a 300mm lens was actually 300mm long, but with the use of compound lenses, they can be sho

What is better a 75-300mm lens or a 55-250mm lens?

Since we do not know specifically which lenses do you mean (f-stops, brand name), the best advice that we can give you is to try out the lenses and find the one that suits you
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Where can one purchase a sigma 70 300mm lens?

There are various places where one could purchase a Sigma 70-300mm lens for a DSLR. For example, websites such as Amazon, SLR Gear and eBay all have them to purchase.