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Can testosterone have direct effects on transcription?

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What are the effects of testosterone injections?

ANSWER--- I take testosterone by applying a gel to my skin. The effects are increased endurance, strength, mood, and other manifestations of those attributes that come alive

What does testosterone effect?

Testosterone is responsible for secondary sex characteristics of the male such as hair, muscle mass increase, masculinization of features.

The effect of testosterone?

  If you have a good level of testosterone , your sex libido and drive will be very good.

What are the side effects of Testosterone Boosters?

A test booster that you can by from gnc or another store like that normally does not carry any side effects except maybe increased libido. Pro-horomones and actual test inject

The effect of testosterone during puberty?

Testosterone is the hormone that kick-starts puberty in boys, and it plays a very big part in the sexual and physical development. Due to the mixture of hormones in the body d

What is the direction of the template strand transcription?

The template strand (DNA) is read by RNA polymerase in the 3'-5' direction. First, RNA polymerase binds to an A-T rich promoter on the DNA which is upstream from the site of t
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What is the effect of testosterone in the body?

It makes a person more masculine it also make a male testicles bigger it boost your sex drive it helps make muscles grow it boost your amune system it's a big part of puberty
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Does Concerta effect testosterone levels?

I have been on concerta since a little kid and is still on it. I am going for bloodworm because , even though I am a woman I have "issues" and might have a testosterone proble