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Can testosterone have direct effects on transcription?

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Does cannabis use effect testosterone levels?

It does NOT directly effect your testosterone levels. It may affect your sex drive in one way or the other but if it is just marijuana with no additives itwill not

Testosterone Non-Prescription How much effect?

  My libido had declined to being nearly non-existent over a 6- to 12-month period. My doctor tested and found my testosterone to be 294, just under the 300 he considered

What is a transcript?

i- An official copy of proceedings in a court.   .ii- The transcription of the shorthand notes of the proceedings at a hearing.

Does Concerta effect testosterone levels?

I have been on concerta since a little kid and is still on it. I am going for bloodworm because , even though I am a woman I have "issues" and might have a testosterone proble

How does testosterone effect the male body?

It goes round the male body and develops, beards,and all things that most women don't have

What are the effects of testosterone injections?

ANSWER--- I take testosterone by applying a gel to my skin. The effects are increased endurance, strength, mood, and other manifestations of those attributes that come alive

What is the most effective herb for boosting testosterone?

Natural test boosters use herbs and botanicals to advance ideal  testosterone levels, in this way supporting execution, quality  picks up, and muscle development.