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Can testosterone have direct effects on transcription?

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What is a possible effect on an error during transcription?

A possible effect on an error during transcription is that anonfunctioning protein will be produced. The protein would be madeof the wrong amino acids chain will be produced (

What does testosterone effect?

Testosterone is responsible for secondary sex characteristics of the male such as hair, muscle mass increase, masculinization of features.

Testosterone Non-Prescription How much effect?

  My libido had declined to being nearly non-existent over a 6- to 12-month period. My doctor tested and found my testosterone to be 294, just under the 300 he considered

Does Concerta effect testosterone levels?

I have been on concerta since a little kid and is still on it. I am going for bloodworm because , even though I am a woman I have "issues" and might have a testosterone proble

What are the effects of testosterone injections?

ANSWER--- I take testosterone by applying a gel to my skin. The effects are increased endurance, strength, mood, and other manifestations of those attributes that come alive