Can you damage a phone SIM card with a magnet?

For reference:,11...1/article.html The magnet on a case will not affect an iPhone SIM card, except where Apple has said that it can affe (MORE)

I have Cell phone case for a Motorola razr and the cell phone case has a magnet on the latch will the magnet damage my cell phone?

A magnetic clasp on a cell phone case should not be a problem for the phone. The phone doesn't contain anything that is sensitive to magnets. While it is true that very strong (MORE)

How are magnets used in cell phones?

Many cell phones do not have any magnets inside, and are completely unaffected when normal magnets are placed near them. However, magnets are used with other cell phones in (MORE)

Are there magnets in cell phones?

Yes, certainly in my Blackberry 8110 there are - however it's just the magnets in the built in speakers, nothing to do with the fact it's a phone. Powerful enough to stick 1p (MORE)

Which phone carrier has the iPhone 4?

American carriers: . AT&T . Verizon Wireless . Sprint . C Spire Wireless (Mississippi) . nTelos Wireless (Virginia) . Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky) . Cellcom (Wiscon (MORE)

Why are cell phones magnetic?

because they use electro magnetic waves and so if they didnt have magnets they couldn't be used
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