How does the iPhone work?

the iphone works by pressing the button on the front or touching the touch screen or pressing the button on top -by i love animals 22

How does an iPhone work?

OK... here's the real answer! you need to ask your apple store assistant and use the guide and manual book. \nThank you!!!\nlove,\nmaddy c

How do iPhones work?

well thwey are phones and they can be very usful fo rpeople who want to sdtay in tougfh eigth othwer people . L:O)

What is Softwere Computer?

computer can actually be divided into two parts. The first part, computer hardware, does all of the physical work computers are known for. The second part, computer software, (MORE)

Where is softwere store?

You can buy software in many places, but Amazon is one place I would look. The next place I would look would be EBay, but you have to be careful to buy certain software produc (MORE)