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Can two boys 11 years old be naked with each other?

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Can two boys see each other naked?

Yes, two boys can see each other naked if say, for example, they  are homosexual and in a relationship or having sexual intercourse  with each other. In general, heterosexua

Should two 11 year old boys sleep naked with each other?

i am a young single nursing mom of seven boys.up to 12 yrs  old.....they are not forced to wear cloths in the home ( or on our  private land )and they say they love that fre

Should two 11 year old boys sleep naked?

Under normal circumstances absolutely not. If they are sleeping in the same area as one another or even together, this may not be a good practice. I have been working with ado

Should naked 13 year old boys get naked with each other?

Why not, where's the harm? Getting naked isn't the problem, it is why they are naked and what they plan to do that causes the problems. My personal stand on all things sexual

Should 12 year old boys see each other naked?

well, if it is for like gym or something then, u r all guys and u can get over it,but if u are just looking at each other for fun, i don't think that would be..."appropriate"

Should 11 year old boys play naked?

No. As boys of this age are entering Puberty and becoming more aware of changes to their bodies they would no doubt be embarrassed if they were naked in front of family, frien