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Can two boys 11 years old be naked with each other?

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Should two 11 year old boys sleep naked with each other?

i am a young single nursing mom of seven boys.up to 12 yrs  old.....they are not forced to wear cloths in the home ( or on our  private land )and they say they love that fre

Should two 11 year old boys sleep naked?

Under normal circumstances absolutely not. If they are sleeping in the same area as one another or even together, this may not be a good practice. I have been working with ado

Is it normal for two 14 year old guy friends to see each other naked?

Yes, it is. There is nothing wrong with seeing each other naked, even if it's by accident or on purpose... when you're a teenager, there's nothing wrong with experimenting (:

Should naked 13 year old boys get naked with each other?

Why not, where's the harm? Getting naked isn't the problem, it is why they are naked and what they plan to do that causes the problems. My personal stand on all things sexual

Can a 11 year old girl be in front of a Naked 11 year old Boy?

This should not be allowed by the parents of the children. They are both approaching, if not already begun, Puberty. This is when they discover sex and the curiosity that goes