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Can you Iron polyester fiber on a cotton setting?

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What fibers are biodegradable-Acrylic-Cotton-Wool-Polypropylene-polyester-linen-silk?

    Natural materials are by definition biodegradable. That means that cotton, wool, linen and silk fulfill this criterion. Cotton and linen are cellulose based (a pol

What temperature is cotton setting on iron?

The cotton setting on an iron is approximately 193 degrees  Fahrenheit.

What is the difference between Polyester fiber and polyester staple fiber?

"polyester fiber" consists of individual fibers that are usually at least sever meters, often hundreds of meters, long. In "polyester staple fiber", the fibers have been cut o

Does cotton and polyester stRetch?

A combination of cotton and polyester will stretch to some degree.  Polyester fabric on its own has very little stretch to it and  generally shrinks back to its original sta

Is cotton the same as polyester?

No, it is not. Cotton is a natural plant fiber, but polyester is a man made material.

Is polyester cotton?

No, cotton is a natural fibre made from the cotton plant, and polyester is a man-made synthetic fabric which is a petroleum-by-product.

Do you want cotton or polyester pajamas?

If you want comfort, go with cotton as it is a natural fiber that is softer against the skin. If you want to make sure it doesn't shrink or fade in the wash, polyester is a mo

What is polyester fiber?

Fibre or Fiber is a type material with continuous filaments. and ever heard of PET, Polyester is a category of polymer, which are chemical compound, polyesters are produced i
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Why is polyester better than cotton?

Depends what your needs are. Polyester dries faster, so for something such as a swim suit, it would be better than cotton, in that respect. The color in polyester also isn't a