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Can you Iron polyester fiber on a cotton setting?

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Can you give information about cotton poly fabric?

Cotton-poly fabric is made combining strands of cotton and polyester. This blend is usually quite comfortable because it combines the natural effects of cotton for softness an

What temperature is cotton setting on iron?

The cotton setting on an iron is approximately 193 degrees  Fahrenheit.

How does a paramecium respond to a cotton fiber?

The paramecium will first go to the cotton fiber and after realizing that it is not a positive stimulus (food), it will move away from the cotton fiber and search for another
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Why is polyester better than cotton?

Depends what your needs are. Polyester dries faster, so for something such as a swim suit, it would be better than cotton, in that respect. The color in polyester also isn't a
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What is polyester cluster fiber?

A synthetic down alternative made from hollow conjugate polyester staple fiber. William Barnet and Sons LLC (Barnet) located in in Arcadia SC is the leading manufacturer of th