What is a Walkman?

Answer . A walkman is a music playback device produced by Sony. Originally in the 1980's the walkman came out as a portable cassette player. Sony later developed a portable (MORE)

What is a good bluetooth headphone set?

A good bluetooth headset is a headset that not only provides bluetooth but has clarity and a low latency signal from its receiver. Makers of such headphones would be a company (MORE)
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What is the best set of headphones for the rock genre?

The word best is extremely subjective, so there is no easy answer for which headphones would be the best for listening to rock music. The headphones Beats by Dr. Dre are very (MORE)
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Do CD walkmans operate on batteries?

Yes, old time cd walkmans do work on batteries. Either regular disposable, removable rechargeable, or built in rechargeable. They are usually of the size AA, but can be AAA or (MORE)