Can you buy CD-RoM games for a computer running on Windows millennium?

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How can you run a Linux program on a computer with Windows?

Linux users have created emulators that allow several Windows products to run under Linux. The converse has not yet happened. Windows does not openly acknowledge Linux as anything worthy of their attention so Gates et. al. have not created an emulator for running Linux native applications. Just run (MORE)

Why is it when every time i try to run a DVD or a CD or even a video game on my computer no window starts up - no instructions for installement no DVD or any player program starts up?

Answer . \nIt could be that your cd/dvd drive is either not hooked up correctly, or youd do not have the correct driver to run your cd/dvd. First, check to make sure that all wires are in good shape and there are no loose connections. Then, check for the driver component (assuming you are on a (MORE)

Why does computer game run slow?

Most computer games will run slow on your computer due to your hardware limitations. If your computer does not have a high level of hardware performance to match up with the games requirements then the game that you are trying to play will run slowly. I suggest first comparing your computers hardwar (MORE)

How to run the audio file copied from a CD on a computer using windows operating system?

It depends on what you mean by "run the audio file copied from a CD." If you mean you copied a track straight off a CD onto your computer's hard drive then you have two choices: create a virtual CD-ROM drive to play the track; or, two, convert the audio file to a format the media player you have on (MORE)

How do you run Nintendo 64 games on your computer?

What you need is a piece of software called an emulator.You can get emulators for most older consoles and handheld consoles although some more recent ones like the PS2 simply don't run very well at all.If you have a half decent desktop with a relatively new graphics card you should be able to run n (MORE)

Is there a patch to download for puzz 3D Bavarian Castle CD-Rom to run on windows XP Only Runs now on Windows 98?

i can't seem to find one, but. have you tried adjusting the compatibility for the executable to run in windows 98? right click on the executable and go to properties then click the check box for "run in compatibility mode for " then click the drop down and select windows 98. you may (MORE)

What is the best computer game to buy?

plant vs zombie It COMPLETELY depends on what your personality. Sorry, but there is really no way to tell you what the best PC game is unless we know your personality. i would say team fortress 2 or Minecraft me being a minecraft and tf2 fan

Why do some games do not run on my computer?

now most of the game are java based so u must install java console software and your mother board must have high graphics card so that it supports all the true colors. --- Answer There are only two reasons why your computer your computer will not run specific games. These are Harware or Softw (MORE)

Having a C compiler Where can I buy a computer that runs on Windows 95 but with modern RAM processor speed and whatnot?

That's not really possible. A "modern" amount of RAM these days is at least 1 GB. Windows 95 simply will not be able to use (and probably won't boot with) more than 480 MB of RAM. It also has major issues with processor speed, poor support for USB, non-existent support from modern graphics card manu (MORE)

Which computer was windows designed to run on?

Windows was not designed to run on any particular computer, but rather any computer compatible with the original IBM PC. After IBM stopped making personal computers, Windows was designed to run on any computer with an x86 compatible processor and BIOS.

Can you run apple software on a windows computer?

No. However, some applications have been ported, or developed for, the other. For example, Apple Safari, the web browser, is available for windows users. That said, it is a different type of file, and you can't use the version that isn't for your system.

Where can you buy a computer game?

There are a lot of places you can buy compter games. Here are but a few examples (in no particular order), but by no means a complete list:. Best Buy . Target . . . GameStop /

Will windows xp games run on vista?

Not all of them, usually if games don't run under vista production companies release updates which make the games compatible with vista. Some games, however, are compatible with vista in principle.

How To Download Microsoft Windows millennium?

The only way you could get Windows Millennium now would be either downloading an ISO file off of an illegal site, or buying a copy on eBay. I don't know why someone would want to, it's one of the worst versions of Windows ever.

How do you Telnet from a computer running Windows Vista to a computer running Windows XP?

The inherent problem in answering this question is that Windows XP does not have a Telnet server included, so there would typically be no purpose in even attempting it. You would need to install a third-party Telnet server (of which there are several) on Windows XP first. After the Telnet server is (MORE)

Can you install Windows 98 on a computer running Windows XP?

Possibly, but not usually. Windows XP was distributed for far longer than Windows 98, and a lot of hardware that is compatible with Windows XP isn't compatible with Windows 98. The newer the computer, the less likely it will work with Windows 98.

Can you install one windows Millennium disk on multiple computers and on a mac?

On multiple computers Yes. This is quite possible, since Windows ME does not require product activation. However, Windows ME is not usually licensed to be installed as such; if you want to run multiple installations of Windows ME, you are legally required to purchase multiple licenses or a vo (MORE)

How can you find out if a game will run on your computer?

Go to the back cover of the game it will show the things you need, or you research it online. Go to SystemRequirementsLab. It is a website where you search your game and it gives you results on if you can run it or not. It also gives you recommended info for what to get if you want to run the gam (MORE)

Where can you buy the computer game Myst?

Well, used on Amazon it is $0.98 plus $3.99 S&H... but it is so old (15yrs) that you can just download it free from some websites. O and btw i LOVE Myst. I have the first three games!

How do you tell what version of Windows your computer is running?

To tell what version of Windows your computer is running, click on the Start Menu (the icon in your taskbar which has the Windows symbol, the four colored squares). When the Start Menu drops down, click on My Computer , usually in the grey part on the right (it has an icon with a blue-screened (MORE)

How do you play a Windows 98 computer game on Windows 7?

Answer 1: just insert the CD and hope it wont fail Answer 2: If it installs then try setting the Compatibility Mode to Windows 98 (or if 7 doesn't have that far back then ME or as far back as you can) then follow he instructions from answer 1.

Can you run Windows XP games on Windows 7?

Games designed for Windows XP may or may not work on Windows 7,depending on how well the game was programmed. There is no hard andfast rule to determining whether or not a game will work.

Will Windows games run on Ubuntu?

There have been a few that did over the years. It's rare to find ones that do; you just have to search for them. Hopefully that will change in the future. Linux needs better driver support, and the of course the game developers have to dedicate time and money to making Linux ports.

Can prototype game run in Windows 7?

yes. but if it doesn't use the troubleshoot compatibility tool by right clicking on the Game and clicking troubleshooting compatibility. select windows xp for the best experience

Can android games run in windows?

Yeah now you can run android games and apps on windows or PC so there is a blog for tutorial about this step by step

Does windows game run on Mac?

Games written for Mac OS X will work on a Mac. Games written for the Windows operating system will require the Windows operating system to be installed on a Mac to work. Some Windows games can be used on a Mac without Windows by using CrossOver Games software.

Can your computer run properly without windows?

instead of windows you can have linux or mac. they are different, but you will know whats best for you when you try them, linux is free to download. but you need an operating system (windows, mac, linux or any other OS) for the computer to work