Is canon Pixma IP4300 printer ok to use for edible ink?

Actually there are various categories of ink which can be used in any printer cartridges. These . Original ink manufactured by the brand. . Compatible ink manufactured by t (MORE)
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Is canon Pixma ink poisonous?

Well to stick on the safe side of things maybe try and not eat ink. Not such a good thought. I think everything has a purpose. Let ink do its job. Like i said, Dont eat ink an (MORE)

Why is my Canon pixma mp470 is not printing?

Here are a few things to do: 1. Check to make all cords are connected, and the power is on. 2. Go online and find/install drivers for the Canon Pixma MP470. A simple Google s (MORE)
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Where can you purchase Canon pixma ink?

One can purchase Canon Pixma ink from 'Best Buy' for around $20. One can also purchase this item from 'Amazon', 'Inkjetsuperstore', 'ebay' and '4inkjets'.
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Where can one find a cheap ink for Canon PIXMA?

Someone can find cheap ink for a Canon PIXMA printer from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of Canon PIXMA ink cartridges.