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Is canon Pixma IP4300 printer ok to use for edible ink?

Actually there are various categories of ink which can be used in any printer cartridges. TheseOriginal ink manufactured by the brand. Compatible ink manufactured by third par (MORE)
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Is canon Pixma ink poisonous?

  Well to stick on the safe side of things maybe try and not eat ink. Not such a good thought. I think everything has a purpose. Let ink do its job. Like i said, Dont eat (MORE)

Why is my Canon pixma mp470 is not printing?

Here are a few things to do:    1. Check to make all cords are connected, and the power is on.   2. Go online and find/install drivers for the Canon Pixma MP470. A (MORE)
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Where can one purchase Canon pixma ink?

One can purchase Canon Pixma ink from 'Best Buy' for around $20. One can also purchase this item from 'Amazon', 'Inkjetsuperstore', 'ebay' and '4inkjets'.
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