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What is a commercial jet flight?

  A commercial jet flight is a chartered airline service on a jet plane, as in a flight with passengers etc.

When was the first supersonic jet flight?

The first official record of a manned supersonic flight was Charles Yeager flying the Bell X-1 on October 14, 1947. There is a "plausible" claim that George Welch actually bea

What is the decibel of a jet plane in flight?

  The main question is; measured at which distance? The closer you are, the higher is the level.   The sound pressure level decreases with distance after the inverse di

Can a passenger jet carry a car?

Most airliners are not equipped with the extra large cargo door that this would require. However, cars can and have been hauled on cargo jets, which are generally stripped-dow

What are facts about the first jet flight?

April 18, 1941 was the first flight of the German turbojet  powered Messerschmitt Me 262. The British turbojet powered  Gloster E.28/39 first flight was a month later on May

What contribution to flight does the jet engine have?

The jet engine creates thrust, which, in a sense, pushes the plane forward which forces air over the wing. Because of the shape of the wing (smooth on the bottom, rounded over