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How do you work a jianisi remote for canon rebel xti?

First enable the self-timer on the camera and set it to "Self timer/ remote control".\nAfter that you can use the "S" button to focus and shoot. Pressing the "S" button halfwa (MORE)

How do you take pictures of the computer screen?

There is a key on your keyboard that is called prnt scr ( print screen) that you press to save an image of your full screen to the clipboard (like doing a copy). Once you clic (MORE)
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How much does the Canon Rebel XTI cost?

The Canon Rebel XTI cost around $800 when it was launched in 2006. Being seven years old it is difficult to still purchase the camera new but one can purchase them used for be (MORE)
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What stores sell the Canon EOS Rebel XTI?

There are a number of places where one can find a Canon EOS Rebel XTI available. This camera is carried at most camera stores such as Henry's and Black's. This model is also (MORE)