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How do you add a headphone socket to the speaker wires so that the speakers disconnect when the headphones are plugged in?

ANSWER . Each speaker is driven by a pair of wires coming from the amplifier. One wire is "live" and the other wire is "ground". There are two little contacts in the headph (MORE)
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If you cut a wire what happend to resistance?

If you are talking about the total resistance in a circuit , it depends on the components in the circuit and the location of the cut. If you are talking about a single wire, (MORE)

What wire gauge used for headphones?

The wire gauge in thin headphone cables is quite small. I have read of people rewiring their headphones using 12 Gauge wire. There are commercial cables that use 11 gauge. The (MORE)

How do you splice wires for headphones?

Solder the wires together and use heat shrink to insulate the soldered connection. You can buy heat shrink at any auto parts store or hobby store.
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