Your niece is 17 and just ran away with her 23 year old boyfriend Is there anything that you can do since she is now considered an adult in the State of Texas?

17 is the age of consent, but it is not the age of majority (18). The 17 year old is still considered to be in 'custody' of some adult.. If they crossed state lines or has be (MORE)

Your ex wife has ran away with your child now wants child support?

It's very likely that you will have to pay support in a situation such as this. . But, you should challenge for custody. If you're being denied access, file a motion for the (MORE)

Can a child ask for child support if he ran away from home and he's 17 in the state of texas?

No. The child support goes to the parent who have custody to use to pay for the child. it does not go to the child directly. A runaway has no legal right to run away and if ca (MORE)