How do you unlock the channel on bell expressvu dish if you cant remember the password?

Answer . You can try doing what's called a hard reset, basicaly this corrupts the system memory and removes any passwords. get your remote out and try doing this. Remember (MORE)

What channel will Inuyasha air on Dish network in 2009?

None, that I know of, unless you mean reruns. The anime ws discontinued back in 07 I think. Any episode however, new or otherwise, will most likely appear on Cartoon Networks (MORE)

What channel is jeopardy on for dish network?

You can perform a search to locate the channels that will broadcast Jeopardy in your area. If you press and release the Left arrow button (to the left of the Select button), t (MORE)

What channel is MTV in dish network?

MTV 1 is on channel 160 and MTV 2 on channel 161. These channels are available in our Americas Top 120 and above programming packages. Ray Calo DISH Network MTV is i (MORE)

What channel is Fox on in Dish Network?

It would depend which FOX channel you are looking for, with DISH Network there are several different FOX channels. Fox news on channel 205, Fox Business -channel 206, Fox Movi (MORE)

How to receive sound on all dish network channels?

If you are having trouble with your Dish Network service, you can contact Dish 24/7, 7 days a week at 1-800-333-3474 (1-800-333-DISH). Dish has a great tech support team and (MORE)