Can you get approved for a mortgage loan with a credit score of 427?

Answer \n\nYou can, but not with any conventional bank, you can get what is known as a hard money loan with a private lender but the maximum ltv will be about 70% so you'd ha (MORE)

Can you get approved for a loan with a credit score of 576?

Don't know\nThere are other requirements for a loan besides your credit score. How much debt do you currently owe, How much do you make a year and how long have you had your j (MORE)

If you have bad credit can you get approved for a car loan?

Absolutely! It just takes a different type of lender, one that specializes in bad credit. Regular lenders (like Wells Fargo or big banks) have rules about credit scores. There (MORE)
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How is a 580 credit score?

A 580 credit score would be considered "poor". The national average before the economy imploded was 670. Scores in the low to mid 600's were "below average" or "fair", scores (MORE)

Can you get car loan with a 620 credit score?

Scores range from the low 400s to well past 800. The higher the score, the better the credit rating. Most lenders use a break of somewhere around 620 as the determining factor (MORE)

Can You Get A Car Loan With A 554 Credit Score?

More specifics on my situation. I'm in the military and pull in a little over $2,500 monthly. I've been enlisted for about two and a half years. My others lines of credit are (MORE)