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Does a man and woman has to have orgasmes at the same time for a woamn to get pregnant?

Answer . No! Most definitely not. The sperm does not recognise a woman having an orgasm. A raped woman, who did not come (orgasm), and certainly did not enjoy the experien (MORE)

What time does the mail man come?

when ever the postal service decides to give it to you (Edited by Clankerz 1/29/11 12:30 PM): During the week (Monday - Friday) the mailman comes around 1:30 - 3:00 PM. Howe (MORE)
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What time do the mail man come?

The mailcarrier is not like Santa. Santa Claus apparently visits hundreds of thousands of kids in one 6-hour period. Mailcarriers, on the other hand, go to work and fill thei (MORE)