How do you activate a straight talk phone?

Online is the best way to activate a Straight Talk phone. If you go to Straight Talk's website one of tabs at the top is labeled "Activate/Reactivate". Start there and follow (MORE)

Does straight talk have a touchscreen phone?

Yes, they have several types of Touch Screen phones available to choose from. In order to find out which ones are available to you, you have to enter your zip code on their (MORE)

Can my straight talk phone be tapped?

No, your straight talk phone CANNOT be tapped. Because you purchase and use a straight talk card in order to talk, text, or surf the web, it is the same as a "burn phone." B (MORE)

Does straight talk have a android phone?

Yes, Straight Talk has several Android phones. I would check out their Shop Phones page to find the phone that fits your needs the best. Yes they do I have one that I got f (MORE)

What is a PUK on a straight talk phone?

A PUK, by Wikipedia's definition is a "Personal Unlock Code (PUC), also known as a PIN Unlocked Key (PUK), is used in 3GPP mobile phones to reset a personal identification num (MORE)

Do straight Talk phones have warranty?

According to Straight Talk's website, all new and reconditioned Straight Talk phone products are covered under the manufacturer's warranty for up to 1 year from the date of pu (MORE)

Who powers straight talk phones?

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Straight Talk doesn't own its own network but rather leases service from AT&T and T-Mobile for GSM phones, and Sprint and Verizon (MORE)

How do you clone your straight talk phone?

Yes it can be done. First off, only CDMA phones can be cloned (Verizon, Sprint, etc.). You have to buy a donor phone (like the LG 220C) and clone the ESN number from the don (MORE)

What phones can you switch to straight talk?

With Straight Talk's "Bring Your Own Phone" program, their SIM cards will only work with an AT&T or T-Mobile compatible or unlocked GSM phone. (Blackberry, and branded TracFon (MORE)