What are the 5 characteristics of useful information and give at least example of each characteristics?

The first characteristic is Relevance. The information that a person uses must be relevant to the current problem at hand. If the information is not relevant it would not help (MORE)
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What gives quartz its color?

Quartz itself is transparent or transluscent. But trapped impurities such as iron, copper, etc give quartz a full rainbow of colors to choose from.

Why does your citron quartz watch have wrong roman numeral for 5?

The roman numeral for 5 is V. I do not have a citron quartz watch but a quick search through google images shows that citron uses the correct numeral. On *some* watches the nu (MORE)

What benefits does quartz give to humans?

" Rock crystal is also known as clear quartz or quartz crystal. It is often called the "master healer" for its alleged ability to cleanse and purify the human body and stimula (MORE)

What gives quartz sandstone its color?

Pure quartz is a colorless mineral, and so a pure quartz sandstonewill appear white due to multiple reflections and refractionsbetween grains. However, impurities in the sands (MORE)
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What can you do with quartz?

Chemically it is Silica - Silicon Dioxide - the main constituent of glass. \n. \n. Quartz is piezo-electric and was used in early sonar transducers, but modern sonar uses sy (MORE)
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What are the Give 5 characteristics of a Good Comparison-Contrast Essay?

1. Include the proper format of a Compare and Contrast Essay. Introduction (Thesis Statement) First topic Second topic Conclusion 2. Identify the similarities and differences (MORE)
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What does quartz-?

Quartz is a clock. This clock shows that size does not change muchas temperature fluctuates.