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Can you give me info on Georgia's history?

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Can you give me all the info you have about the civil war history?

  Answer   Happily. My current reference collection on that subject exceed 1350 pounds. My origiinal documents in two safes have already been promised to another seri

What were important events in Georgia's history?

well in 1526 September 29 the first colony was established by Lucas Vazques de Ayllon. Good luck hope it helped!! :)   >:o no no nooo   john f kennidy married on cumbe

Info on Georgia's major cities?

The largest cities in the state of Georgia (USA) are: Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens and Macon (in that order). The largest cities in the country of Georgia are:

Find info on history in japan?

It totally depends on what you want to know about this history! Is there any particular Era or Year/s that interests you? Or do you mean history in general? As in major happen