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How do you play chaotic?

So what you do is set an amount chaotic cards on the field(only creature cards). By that I mean like 1versus1 or 9versus9.Next make sure you have attack cards.You put them in (MORE)
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What is a rare chaotic code online?

ahd464dddghys22gd1g1 actually that is too long to be a chaotic code.heres one for a dractyl:64J8 FJG6 R2G4.well i dont really know any others.
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Free unused chaotic codes beyond rare?

you need to watch the show and sometimes there is a secret password then it tells you to go on to some website then you enter the code and you get a beyond rare person its as (MORE)

What are the chaotic codes?

You can not get all of the codes because all of them are differint but i will give you one 6EF9 E427 78E4 it is a danian.
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