Can you go to jail for not paying your payday loans?

No, not paying your debts is not a crime, it is considered a civil matter and the lender can sue the borrower in civil court and receive a judgment to use against property or (MORE)
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Can you be arrested for non payment of payday loan?

No. It is a common tactic amongst unscrupulous payday lenders to make threats that they cannot enforce, and in fact, it is illegal for them to make such threats. They are well (MORE)

Can payday loan take you to court for non payment in Texas?

Yes they can and will. They are a classic predatory loan company that will do everything in their power to get the money that you rightfully owe them. The cost of taking you t (MORE)
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Can you go to jail in Texas for payday loans?

Actually, you won't go to jail if you defaulted on payday loans and it doesn't matter in what state you live. However, you can face some problems with your credit score, so, d (MORE)