Can you hook up a wireless keyboard to a sony bluray player?

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How do you hook up a wireless laptop?

Answer . Are you trying to hookup your laptop to a wireless connection? To do this, you will need a cable modem and a wireless router. Make sure that your laptop has wirel

Can you hook up a wireless router to a wireless modem?

Yes, and no, Mainly yes, Because inorder to communicate back and forth, you have to have a modem. No because, The new routers have a modem built in. I own a aircard and we use

Can you hook up an Apple keyboard to a PC?

Yes. If the keyboard is a USB keyboard, it can be connected to either a Mac or PC. Older serial or PS/2 keyboards should work as well, but might need an adapter. While the a

Do you have to have a HD tv to hook up a bluray?

Having a high-definition television is not required to attach a Blu-ray to your television, assuming that your television has the appropriate connections. For example, if both

Are wireless keyboards easy to set up?

Yes they are easy to set up becquse they have cds that you use to install them, and then you have them all se up and easy to use they're great you should get one and use it.

How much does a Sony bluray player cost?

WalMart is a store that sells many items online. You can purchase a Sony blue ray player for as little as $129 from WalMart and they will have it delivered to the store for fr

How do you hook up a sony Blu-ray player to a TV through a DISH receiver?

In most cases you are unable to hookup a Blu-Ray or DVD player through a DISH receiver since they only have outputs, and no inputs. If your Blu-Ray player does have an inpu
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How do you hook up a wireless keypad?

To connect a wireless keypad one must:1) Identify make and model of the unit.2) Read manufacturers instructions.3) Follow step by step process per instructions.4) If instructi
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How is a wireless printer hooked up?

Generally, a wireless software requires software to hook up with a computer. This software is included with the printer and should be compatible with most popular operating sy