Can you obtain guardianship for a child with special needs in INDIANA without a lawyer?

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What is a 'special-needs' child?

Special needs child In general terms a special needs child is onewho has some type of physical or mental/emotional disability. Thespecific definition of "special needs" varies from state to state.It may be that the child has special medical issues, mental healthissues, abuse history, learning disabi (MORE)

Do you need a lawyer in a case of child custody?

It is always preferable to get legal advise when dealing with any court issues. Most attorneys offer free consultation or charge a minimal fee. If the situation is a amicable one, it's possible custody arrangements can be accomplished with the cooperation of both parties through Family Court.

Is it possible to obtain a record of income for child support issues without a lawyer?

Answer . Employment and/or tax records such as proof of income are covered by the privacy act. There is no reason, that you cannot file a petition with the court for an order of disclosure of income and assets. Court clerks are required to give you the information, and documents needed. There is (MORE)

Do you need a lawyer to file a child support order?

No. You can file a petition for child support at the local familycourt. Some courts have advocates that can assist you. Once a childsupport order has been entered by a judge your state's childsupport enforcement agency will help you collect.

How does a parent obtain legal guardianship over and adult child who is unable to care for themselves due to their drug dependency?

Answer . \nThis is a very complicated matter and the best option is to consult with an attorney qualified in family/civil law.\n. \nAny adult who wishes to obtain guardianship over another adult must file a petition with the probate court in the state and county where the named person resides.\ (MORE)

How do you turn over guardianship of a child?

Answer . You go to an attorney that handles this and have them draw up the papers then a court date is given and then the judge passes the writ. Be sure this is what you want to do. Once its done its done. You can have the papers drawn up so that you can still visit and see the child on a regul (MORE)

Can special needs kids adopt a child?

Anyone is capable to adopt, all they need to be able to do is take care of the child. If the facility does not think that the way you live meets the standards for a child, they will not be able to adopt.

Can you homeschool a special needs child?

Yes, special needs children are the most often homeschooled. Ryan Gosling was pulled out of school because he had special needs and homeschooled... and he didn't turn out too bad huh? :)

Do you need to have any special ID to be a lawyer?

\nyou need to go to law school Answer . A state can require you to be a citizen of the United States before admitting you to the bar, so you would need identification proving that you are a citizen.

How do you obtain guardianship over a parent?

A parent can consent to the guardianship. If the parent is legally incapacitated the procedure is more complicated. You need to petition the appropriate court for appointment as guardian whether or not the parent consents to the guardianship. The court will appoint a guardian ad litem to examine (MORE)

How is raising a special needs child similar to raising a child without special needs?

Actually, I became a better parent to my children that are not special needs due to the parenting techniques I practiced with my oldest autistic child. Each special needs is different, but I found I took the time to detail and explain expectations better. I think we make an assumption with children (MORE)

What special requirements do you need to become a lawyer?

\nGet good enough grades in high school to get into college. Get good enough grades in college to get into law school. Learn enough in Law School so you can pass the Bar Exam. Meanwhile also work hard and have a good attitude to show you are an outstanding citizen so you can good references so the B (MORE)

How do I obtain temporary guardianship of a grandson?

\nfile for modification of custody listing reasons the child is in danger or why your home is more beneficial if the child is in state custody and be prepared to back your statement up in open court with evidence and testimony

How does guardianship affect child support?

In general, the parent or guardian with the most parenting time is eligible to receive child support from the non-custodial parent. You do not need to be the child's biological parent to receive child support.

How do you keep your aunt from obtaining guardianship?

If you are a minor and you are asking the question about guardianship over you -- you may not have any say in the matter. The court or the Dept of Child & Family Services may have the strongest input depending on what they believe will be in your best interests over the long run. You may be asked yo (MORE)

What is it like to have a special needs child?

Its the same as raising any other child....but with an extra workload thrown in! My personal experience is one that is very tiring, yet still very rewarding. The emotional struggle is significantly increased....waiting round the operating theatre for news, keeping up to 6 appointments a week, being (MORE)

What do lawyers specialize in?

There are many areas of specialization for lawyers, each one quite different from the rest. Some are experienced in criminal law, others in corporate law, and still others in family law (custody, divorce, juvenile status).

How can you obtain guardianship over an ill parent?

Go to a family law attorney and they will file with your local county court to obtain a guardianship. Usually the parent/person would have to be declared incapacitated by either private doctors or a court appointed committee. Then you will attend a "hearing" where you will speak to a judge & s/he wi (MORE)

Can child legal live with grandparents without guardianship?

If the parents agree with the arrangement then that is possible. However, for the child's safety and best interest the grandparents should have the legal authority to arrange medical treatment and address school issues. You should consult with an attorney or other legal advocate.

How DO YOU Get child support without going to a lawyer?

I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, payment records, etc. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!

Can an individual petition the court for guardianship of their own son without a lawyer?

A parent cannot get guardianship of their own child. Guardianship is when a non-parent obtains legal custodial rights of a child without going through full adoption. Another View: If the son is of legal age to be considered an adult yet has been adjudged mentally incompetent or physically unable (MORE)

Can a mother with temporary legal and physical custody assign temporary guardianship of the child to someone other than the father without the father's permission?

No. Only the court can grant a guardianship. You need to petition the court for the change in guardianship. You cannot assign your own temporary guardianship to someone else. No. Only the court can grant a guardianship. You need to petition the court for the change in guardianship. You cannot assig (MORE)

Can you move out of state if you have guardianship of a child?

You should consult with an attorney or with an advocate at the court. The court has jurisdiction over the child. You may need a court order allowing the move. You would need evidence of legal guardianship to use in the other state. You should consult with an attorney or with an advocate at the cour (MORE)

What does is mean if a child has a statement of special needs?

A statement of special needs is a legal document put together by health and education professionals, in conjunction with parents. The statement lists the childs different identified needs, such as behaviour, learning, physical, medical and self help ect. To be granted a statement, the child must hav (MORE)

Can you get legal guardianship of an unborn child in OR?

No. A child must be born for the courts to have jurisdiction. Therefore a person cannot petition for custody or guardianship until the child is born. Adoption proceedings can be started prior to the birth. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most sta (MORE)

How do you obtain full legal guardianship of your child?

You haven't included details such as marital status or why guardianship is necessary so the following is general information. The legal relationship between a parent and child is generally that of legal custody . Married parents have equal rights of custody and equal parental rights until those (MORE)

How do you recognize if a child is special need if they are a newborn?

Test basic skills like if the child is responding when you talk, if the child is crying when you make him/her cry, if the child can see you from a distance, if the child can hear your voice (try singing),if the child can hear other voices (if the child responses to the rattles and bells). if u try t (MORE)

What is needed to obtain guardianship of a child?

The process of gaining guardianship of a child will vary depending on the state or province and country the child is located in. Common steps involved in all processes include: determining the custodial parent, demonstrating to a relevant court or authority why the custodial parent is a unfit or unw (MORE)

How can a guardianship form be obtained?

By and large, forms like a formal request for a guardianship can be obtained fairly easily. These can be printed off the web at many different sites by simply seeking them out. It is important to make sure the document is notarized by a notary public.

What is the role of a guardianship lawyer?

A guardianship attorney petitions for hearing on the behalf of the person or persons seeking guardianship or conservatorship and are usually a requirement when wanted to set up a guardianship. These lawyers typically specialize in estate planning, wills, and elder law.

How does one get help for a special needs child?

Getting help for special needs children can involve a complicated process. In the first instance it would be best to enlist the help of your GP and Social Services as most benefits and schemes rely on the agreement of one or both of these. After that, one should take care to get fully informed on al (MORE)