Can you jail break an android?

yes you can. But on android its called "rooting" so if you want to root your android phone you can just go on Google and search how to root android *what ever your firm wear i (MORE)

Can glasses break in a microwave oven?

The glass part? Surprisingly, no. The plastic or metal might melt or burn but nothing will happen to the glass part. See, microwaves heat up by sending micro-waves (obviously) (MORE)

Does fake android can play android games?

It depends on what you mean, if you mean a Chinese unbranded device then the answer is yes as long as the hardware supports gaming. For example some games runs on Flash and (MORE)

How do you break code on android?

There's no need to break the Android code (Android is an Open Source Operating System) as the source code of Android is already available over their developer section.