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How do you get a rusted washing machine hose off the plumbing pipe?

I just removed the very same thing from my 25 year old washer yesterday, and it was very uneventfull because of a few tricks I use from when I rapaired cars. I'll give you th (MORE)

How can you plumb in a washing machine and a dishwasher?

  There are many variables here. Essentially you'll need the following:   # A cold feed for the dishwasher, and for the washing machine.  # A waste outlet for the di (MORE)

How do you move a washing machine and plumbing?

  You have to overcome 4 problems. Number 1 is the electrical connection that has to be taken into account. So either plugging it into a new socket or extending the existi (MORE)

We have a leak in our plumbing whenever you run the dishwasher washing machine shower tub or sink water comes up the drain from everything and out the bottom of the commode what do we do?

The main line has to be clogged or collapsed. Under the toilet is just the easiest place for it to go. Have a plumber run an auger through the line. If you have a septic tank (MORE)