How do you program a sharp tv with a RCA remote?

Without knowing the remote model number, I would do this: To do a brand code search for Sharp: Manually turn on the TV. Hold down the "TV" button on the remote....while holdin (MORE)

How do you program a rcr311w rca remote with an Emerson tv?

a. Press and hold the VCR•DVD key. The illuminated ON•OFF key turns on. b. While holding down the VCR•DVD key, press and release the number 2 key on the k (MORE)

How do you program a RCA systemlink 3 remote to a Hitachi TV?

First you have to find out the code for your TV. It should be a 3 number code and you can find it on the internet. Steps to figure out how to find out what your code is (MORE)

What is the problem when you can program the Dish remote to control the volume and TV power but not the Dish receiver is this a remote receiver or TV related problem?

The remote can work both pieces of equipment. If the remote will not work the receiver, then the remote itself could be the issue. If the remote is not controlling the rece (MORE)

How do you program dish network remote to work RCA tv?

Follow the steps below to program the remote! There are also the top 5 most used codes for an RCA TV listed below. Codes: 503, 627, 666, 633, 725 Press and hold the clea (MORE)