Can a car without the title be registered?

Answer . A new car yes, but a used car no. You would first need to apply for a title.
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Can i get a car registered without a title?

not legally A: I think not, you need to have the legal papers for your car before you can register it. You need to do a "Title Search" with DMV and then have the r (MORE)

Can you have cars registered in different States?

No. An automobile must be registered in the state in which you reside. State laws typically require a car to be registered in their state within a few short months of moving t (MORE)

Can a Maryland Car owner allow a relative to use his car in another state over a long period of time without registering the car in the other state?

Yes, but there are some complications to keep in mind. The registration states the owner resides in Maryland, not that the car does. However, MD has a mandatory insurance la (MORE)

Can you register your car without insurance?

Generally not. Virtually all states have "financial responsibility laws" that require certain levels and types of insurance to register a car or truck. In all cases, the insur (MORE)