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Can you still adopt in Washington if your husband has an old misdemeanor for domestic violence not with you he completed anger management classes and probation and has no other criminal history?

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If you have misdemeanor can you still be probation officer?

  It MAY be possible. It all depends on the hiring qualifications of the agency for which you wish to work. Some might overlook a very old or very minor misdemeanor offens

How long does a misdemeanor domestic violence stay on your record in Washington?

Any conviction for a crime of domestic violence will always remain a part of your criminal history record. It is a non-expungible offense. Wow. the guy above me is such an idi

Domestic violence misdemeanor or felony?

It varies from municipality to municipality, state to state, country to country. For example, I am a victim of domestic abuse. I finally got up the courage to leave the relati

Is domestic violence a misdemeanor in Ohio?

Ohio statute - [quote]   "2919.25 [Effective 9/17/2010] Domestic violence.   (A) No person shall knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to a family or househ

Can you buy a gun in Michigan if your domestic violence charge was expunged after completion of probation?

You need a lawyer who is familiar with MI laws. Additional: Expungement means only that a past record of a particular offense is sealed from the veiw of the PUBLIC. Governmen