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What are tablet pcs are used for?

Tablet PCs have replaced the modern day smartphones, especially for those who use it extensively with numerous applications. Featured with the specifications that higher price (MORE)

Why do people use tablet PCs?

People who use Tablet PCs use them for different reasons. Obviously they're more portable but the better reason for using them is because they meet a need in a way that other (MORE)
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What is used to operate tablet PC?

If you mean OS (operating Systems) the there are many different ones. IOS (apple Ipad) Android (Many different ones) Blackberry OS (Playbook) WebOS (HP Touchpad) Linux Window (MORE)

How a kid will use tablet PC?

a kid will basically use a tablet PC to play games, but if eldsers take initiative and esduacatre tgh e kisd about the various uses of tablet pc then it'l be great

What will be the advantage if you are a expert in printer laptop tablet PC advance mobile phone and computer?

Expertise over Printers, Laptops, Tablets, PCs, advanced Mobile phones and Computers can make one configure, support, maintain and be a good advisor on their usage. Advantage (MORE)