Can you use as straight talk sims card in a new straight talk phone?

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How do you activate a straight talk phone?

Online is the best way to activate a Straight Talk phone. If you go to Straight Talk's website one of tabs at the top is labeled "Activate/Reactivate". Start there and follow

Do straight talk phones have sim cards?

Some of them DO and some of them DO NOT. The following information was taken from the Straight Talk website...The following Straight Talk cell phones DO have a SIM card: Sam

How can you use any phone for straight talk?

No. Straight Talk has a SIM program where they accept unlocked phones from other carriers to join as a customers, though the phones they accept are limited to unlocked GSM pho

Can you switch a non straight talk phone to straight talk?

Yes, you can. You can do this with Straight Talk's "Bring Your Own Phone" program...which essentially requires you to purchase a SIM card. (they are usually about 15 bucks) N

Can my straight talk phone be tapped?

No, your straight talk phone CANNOT be tapped. Because you purchase and use a straight talk card in order to talk, text, or surf the web, it is the same as a "burn phone." B

Can you use a straight talk SIM card in a Tmobile phone?

Yes, as long as your phone is unlocked and out of contract. T-Mobile has a GSM Network and their phones use SIM cards so the phone is functionally able. From Straight Tal