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Can debit cards be used overseas?

 If it does,  it will be accepted at any ATM that is marked with the same  logos.* To be sure, you may ask your bank if there are any  restrictions regarding the use of y (MORE)

How do you enter the US as nurse from overseas?

Today, we do have a shortage of nurses. So much so that nurses from outside the country are being recruited. You might want to contact the American Nurses Association. They sh (MORE)

How much postage from US to oversea?

The cost is 98 cents to mail an ordinary, up to one-ounce, first-class letter to an overseas address from the US.
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Can you unlock an iPhone to take overseas?

Of course you can. T-mobile, AT&T, and Cingular are available. You can go to customer support and request it if you are off of contract (an possibly the original owner), or (MORE)

How many US troops are overseas?

There are over thousands of US troops overseas, fighting for us. It is hard to tell how many there are, because there are more and more every month/day.
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How can use iPad overseas?

Yep. You are capable of using it overseas so long as they have providers that hold MicroSIMs compatible with the iPad. The iPad is "unlocked" as stated by Jobs in the keynotes (MORE)