Can you use someone elses 2 year upgrade for sprint with out them having a data plan the phone requires a data plan but i will use it on my account with a data plan?

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Can you use sprint phones for a cricket plan?

No, manufactorers of phones program the phone for each company. You cannot take a phone from one provider to another. I'm not sure where you got your information but that is wrong you can flash some phones to work on other networks. Yes you can flash just about any phone to any major provider but i (MORE)

Does the Pantech matrix pro require a monthly data plan?

Yes, the Pantech Matrix Pro does require a monthly data plan. However, you can enable the data plan when you first receive the phone but then after you get it, call your company (probably AT&T) and tell them you want it removed. You get to keep the phone ;)

Does the samsung reclaim require a data plan?

I just spoke to a Sprint rep. on 8-16-10..........she said it does require a data plan. Too bad. I was looking at buying one for my mom off eBay, who dropped hers in some water. She doesn't qualify for the subsidized price on a new handset and I wanted to buy her something a little more stylish than (MORE)

What are data plans?

Every month you can pay some money to get a data plan. They let u go to the internet on your phone, and it lets you use apps without charging you on your bills a big aount of money, because the data plan already covers it.

What is in a data plan?

Its mostly what occurred during the experiment/ the information one has to use to conclude the purpose of it.

What is the best Verizon phone do not require a data plan?

In my opinion, the best phone from Verizon that does not require a data plan is the lg cosmos touch. It is a touch screen slider with a qwerty keyboard, texting, games, mobile email, and many more awesome features. I don't have it yet, but I'm getting it as my upgrade this week.

Do you need a data plan for a blackberry?

If you want to use data on your Blackberry phone, then you would need to register the device for Blackberry Data plan, as a regular data plan do not work on Blackberry phones. Now, if you just want to use the phone for text and call, you would not need the Blackberry Data plan for that.

How big is 12GB data plan?

I put this very complex question through a calculus program on my computer and it came out with this amazing answer: "more than 11Gb and less than 13Gb"

Is a data plan required for an iPhone?

Yes, you have to have a data plan with AT&T or any other mobile phone company to place calls or use 3G. The data plan is approx. 30$ extra a month on top of the regular phone line costs.

Is a data plan required for the Ipod touch?

If you have access to wireless internet connection, you can still utilize all of the same apps that you would be able to use if you bought a data plan. If you plan to use your data plan to access emails and the internet away from a stable WiFi connection, I would recommend to go ahead and purchase t (MORE)

Does the Samsung Solstice require a data plan?

Samsung Solstice not required data plan . Only 4G phone or Android. If you need more information about that phone or other Samsung products check this link :

Does HTC aria require data plan?

AT&T requires you to buy one of their data plans. The phone itself does NOT require a data plan to function or surf the internet. The data plan allows you to access the internet over the cell network. So if you are out in the sticks you can still use the internet. The data plan may also includ (MORE)

Do you need a data plan for an iPad?

You can access internet and all data from just the standard Wi-Finetwork if you have a wireless router at home. If you wanted toextend that network to get all around service with 3G or 4G, thenyou need to set up a monthly data plan with your local serviceprovider.

What is a cellphone data plan and is it required for all cellphones?

A cellphone data plan is basically having Internet on your phone. The only thing is that it's not unlimited, this means you can only go on a specific amount of pages. A data plan isn't required for every cellphone, but it's required for all smartphones and blackberries. There are a few cellphones th (MORE)

Does the lg env3 require a data plan?

When my mom got her phone Verizon said it required the $9.99 plan but when she called to have texting taken off of her phone the lady asked if she wanted the data off also so I believe the answer is no

Does the alias 3 require a data plan?

Yes, verizon now requires you to have a minimum $9.99/month data package with certain phones - including the EnV touch, EnV3 and Alias 2. I think it's complete bull. I just bought the EnV3 and now I have to return it because I don't want the data package. In fact, I renewed my contract with veriz (MORE)

Does the kin two phone require a data plan?

I had it before I got my smartphone, and didnt have a data plan. The only internet I had was when I could use wifi. The internet was actually blocked from my phone, so I'm pretty sure its a definite no.

Can you still use an Iphone with out a data plan?

Sure, but a lot of the "idea" of having an iPhone or any other smartphone will, in my opinion, be lost. Of course you can still surf the internet, download apps etc. when you have a WiFi connection, but to me it's more fun to have a smartphone that you're able to use everywhere.

Does HTC Inspire require data plan?

You could use a smartphone without turning on the data plan. To doso, you can either turn off your data (going into the phone'ssettings and disabling data access), or notifying your carrier thatyou do not want a data plan and want features such as internet orinstance blocked if you happen to click t (MORE)

Do you need to have data plan to use an unlocked blackberry?

If your carrier is ATT as the category suggests, then no! You canget a plan without data and put the SIM card into your BlackBerry.You can do this with any GSM phone. GSM carriers include ATT andT-mobile. If you use a CDMA phone (carriers such as Verizon and Sprint), thenyou would only be able to i (MORE)