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How do you open a Canon Powershot?

Opening Canon Powershot . Steps to opening the Canon Powershot:. 1. Read the manual, insert battery and memory card. Be sure both the battery and memory card are of a comp (MORE)

How do you set canon powershot for best pictures?

I have a PowerShot S3, which is much better than Axyz models, but still is just a compact cam. The problem to be avoided is the noise (when not in the shiny daylight). So:\n- (MORE)
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Best AA rechargeable batteries for canon powershot A720 IS?

Answer . I have a Canon Powershot A710IS, and I had been using normal NiMH rechargeables but found they didn't last any time at all. This was even when I fully-discharged a (MORE)
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Can you use sand disk memory card with canon powershot a540 camera?

SanDisk is a brand of memory card. The Canon A540 takes a certain type of card, see its instrucvtion book, probably it's a CompactFlash, but it may be a SecureDigital (SD). Ta (MORE)

Is the Canon PowerShot sx30 a dslr?

First Anwser: No, because there is no removable lens on the SX30 itis not classified as a D-SLR.a Finay Balfour: Actually, a few Bridge cameras have removablelenses, but that (MORE)