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Where can you purchase Canon camera memory cards?

acually, it isn't a "canon camera memory card." you need to chech what kind of memory card it is, most likely it will be an SD memory card, and you can purchase those at prett (MORE)

How do you set canon powershot for best pictures?

I have a PowerShot S3, which is much better than Axyz models, but still is just a compact cam. The problem to be avoided is the noise (when not in the shiny daylight). So:\n- (MORE)
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Best AA rechargeable batteries for canon powershot A720 IS?

Answer . I have a Canon Powershot A710IS, and I had been using normal NiMH rechargeables but found they didn't last any time at all. This was even when I fully-discharged a (MORE)
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Can you use sand disk memory card with canon powershot a540 camera?

SanDisk is a brand of memory card. The Canon A540 takes a certain type of card, see its instrucvtion book, probably it's a CompactFlash, but it may be a SecureDigital (SD). Ta (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a Canon memory card?

A canon memory card for your camera can be purchase at ebay or amazon or even at their corporate canon website. You may also try target or walmart stores.