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Should children with special needs be taught alongside children who do not have special needs?

Why? Why would you do that to the special needs child who obviously needs special attention? The extra attention will make other around him or her resentful. The child who obviously doesn't fit in will be constantly reminded of how different they are as kids close by make fun of them. It would be torture to the special needs child. And it is natural to want to make sure people are on a level playing field. If the special needs child has a learning disability they cannot keep up with the rest of the class so instead, the rest of the class has to be taught at a slower pace. Why should they have to do this? It makes no sense. If the special needs child has physical impairments but is mentally equal with their peers, it MAY make some sort of sense as long as it doesn;t present an unnecessary level of distraction for the rest of the class after they have time to adjust. For example, a child with terets spouting out obscenitites will have disruptive effects on the class throughout the year and not just at the beginning. The onlyreason anyone ever wants to do this is because it makes the parent FEEL better. It allows them to pretend that their child does not have a disability. When in fact, the child needs special attention not granted to others. Otherwise this child would not be called "special needs". The ONLY time this should be allowed is when the child themselves has expressed a desire from within to attempt to fit in with normal society. If this is the case, the kid should not be denied. Obviously at this point they are mentally capable of understanding the social consequences of their separation from the "normal" groups. This is a high-level function of the human brain and shows that the child is developmentally capable of entering that atmosphere. If the kid has not themselves expressed a desire to fit in, don;t force it upon them. More Opinions In the majority of US states "main streaming" of special needs students into the public school system is the law, the premise being that it will better prepare them for society in the general sense. A special needs student usually spends part of his or her learning time in a traditional classroom setting and the rest of the school day in an environment that is structured to his or her needs. To deliberately set children apart who are able to participate in normal learning conditions is a violation of their civil rights and quite simply cruel. Parents are not in denial, many cannot afford private education, many communtities do not have the funding for special education schools and there is absolutely no reason that special needs children cannot interact with other students when it does not constitute a physical danger or emotional trauma (generally instilled by supposed adults) to themselves or others. Answer Depnds on what their special need is. If they need a care nurse with them then not right along side but at least in the same school. If they just need medication for add or adhd then they can be taught right along side other children but not given extra time for anything or special attention. _____________________________________________________ Up till High School I was in the Rescores Room. And, yes kids make fun of me. Don't kids do that to make themselves look bigger then others. Every day after I got home from school I would ask my mom "Why did God make me this way"? She tried the best she could to answer but it wasn't enough. I just wanted to be like all the other kids not in Special Ed. In High School I was in a few Special Ed classes. But what they called Basic Classes. Being in the Special Olympics really helped me cope too. yes, kids want to hang out with kids and they want to think they are equal so yes if they wouldn't mind. Ask them if they want to be with regular kids or special education kids. The thing is that cool kids are the ones that hang if he wants to be with them then put him the regular kids but if not put him with special education students like they want. Parents just talk with your child and ask him want he wants to do.

What is a provision?

The word 'provision' is a noun and a verb. The noun 'provision' is a word for: . an act or process of providing or supplying something for use; . an amount or thing supplied or provided; . a stock of materials or supplies; . financial or other arrangements for future eventualities orrequirements; . a condition or requirement in a legal document; . a word for a thing. The verb 'provision' means: . to provide or supply something for use; . to set aside an amount in an organization's accounts for aknown liability; . a word for an action.

Can homeschooling help children with special needs?

Yes absolutely ! Homeschooling helps the special needs children the same as it helpsother students.

Explain briefly social psychological and educational needs of children with special needs?

Children with special needs may require extra attention, and moreguidance than other students. They may also need more one on onetime with a teacher.

Are you required to leave children provisions in will?

If you do not include your minor children in the will, the court may hold the will invalid and allow the intestate laws to be applied. You don't have to have a will, or put anyone in it.

Will the moon base settlers automatically be able to breathe the atmosphere or will special provisions need to be made?

The moon has no atmosphere at all, so there is nothing to breathe. If we make a lunar base, it will have to be pressurized like the space lab or like a submarine. We will have to find a way to make oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide, since there will not be any air except what we can make inside the base. You would always have to wear a spacesuit if you left the base, too.

What should special needs children be told about their disability?

Depending on their level of functionality, explain as much as you can. These children need to learn coping skills. The first step to that is awareness. If they can self-regulate their symptoms, then they can self-motivate the solutions. For example, when my son has hyperness or focus issues, he needs to recognize it, then recall his behavior mod lessons and choose to either go off to a quiet spot or run outside to get his energy out, etc. He is high functioning autistic so he had to learn that spinning makes him more wound up so he needs to choose an alternative behavior for getting out this sensory craving. Just as an allergy child needs to know what will 'cause a reaction, a special needs child needs to know the obstacles to overcome them.

Which of Sarah Palin's children is a special-needs child?

Sarah Palin's youngest child is a boy named Trig Palin (in full, Trig Paxson Van Palin). Trig was born on 18 April 2008 and has Down syndrome.

Can you work with children with special needs if you have special needs yourself?

Yes, of course but it depends on what your special need is . The answer above me is wrong. Generally children with special needs are not able to work at a real job. They usually work at an entry level position. So maybe if you want to clean up after others with disabilities.

What are the relevant legal requirements covering the needs of disabled children and those with special educational needs?

hi i am wanting to know what the legal requirments for secondary schools for children with special needs please can you help

What provisions do you need to cross the Sahara Desert?

what you need is to stop at every village you pass and renew all of your food/ water items because then everything will be fresh and you wont run out. you will also need a camel and any heavy items you bring ill need to be carried by your camel's bring some dried fruits, seeds, water, and extra coins to pay off any of the Tuareg warriors you might run into.

What special qualities do i need to work with children?

Some qualities would include a love for children. This will also take good communication skills (even on a child's level), dedication, a lot of penitence, perseverance, and the willingness to make a positive difference in children's lives.

Qualifications needed to work with children with special needs?

You need to get a specialized college education in the area of special needs you are interested in teaching/working with. Special needs is broken down in areas of need. Visually handicapped, hearing handicapped, learning problems, various forms of autism, mobility problems, severely handicapped, and so forth. If you want to teach children in any of the above areas you would get a teaching credential and a special education credential. I would suggest if you think you might really want to help special needs children you talk to a teacher who does this and you may want to become an aide or volunteer in a class. It is a tough challenging job and requires a lot of patience.

Possible to accept Monetary Donations by a for profit corp that services children with special needs?

It is possible, but the donor cannot claim the donation as a tax deductible -and- if the for-profit collects more than a certain number of these types of "donations" they should check with their legal counsel to determine what, if any, laws or statutes may come into play. Check your local and state laws carefully.

Abuse of special needs children?

Special Needs Children . Children with autism and downs symdrome are often abused in poor countries. In England and America special needs children are fully understood but that can not be said for other countries around the world like Fiji. . If a child is born with special needs the family are immediatly ashamed of it and lock it away. They feel it is an emnbarresment. One boy in Fiji was locked in a chicken coop- so small he couldn't even stand up. The chicken coop was small and filthy and to feed the child they would just through in chicken food and he would peck it off the floor with the other animals!. Some are taken to old peoples homes- sometimes younger than 6 months. they was be locked in a room and tied to the wall. They would never be untied and to feed them the would just chuck in animal food. The room would be empty and they would have nothing to do all day. they would not be able to talk since no-one had shown them how.. so clean them they would just hose the child. One boy was tied up for twenty years until one women came and changed his life. she adopted him and taught him how 2 speak and eat. For the first time in his life the boy (now 24) was loved and cared for. But this is very unlikely for other children that this happens to- so please try and help them.. by Aimee Johnson. born in 1997. printed in 2009

How do you meet the needs of all children in your setting including those with disabilities or special needs?

By setting, I assume you mean somewhere other than home - like a play group, day care setting, after school setting, etc. In any case, the best source would be the parent or primary care taker. I would develop a short - 1-2 page form for parents and care takers to profile their children. It would begin with basic information about the child - age, reading ability, toileting, feeding - then ask for more specific information. You could ask for information about any diagnosis the child might have, therapies, diets, specific interventions. You could use open ended questions and multiple choice - to make sure that the form is easy to complete while still providing a good snap shot of the child and his/her abilities and challenges. After an initial intake - I would follow up with an intake interview where more notes and suggestions are provided. Ask questions like - how well does the child communicate his/her needs, favorite toys, foods, re-inforcers, routines followed. After all of this, I would welcome the parent to communicate as needed - email, daily/weekly journals to parents and the occasional phone call should keep everyone up to speed, handling any issues and seizing any opportunities to help the child thrive.

Why is 40 special in the Bible?

40 is special in the bible as there was a flood for 40 days, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. After Jesus arose from the grave he stayed for 40 days on earth.

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Who are special children?

They are usually children who have some sort of dysfunction that prevents them from interacting with the other children in a normal way. So, since they are special in that way, then they require special education assistance.

Are there any special gaming sites specifically for special needs children only?

I am a parent of autistic children; a wonderful site is See the Related Link.

Are there grants for swimming lesson for children with special needs?

Depending on disability, your child could learn to swim withnon-disabled children and progress using the same ASA Learn to SwimPathway. The Pathway is one assurance that your child is receiving qualityinstruction based on the swimming development expertise of the ASA.Check out our video ( left )for the others. Your child can work through the same ASA Awards, but will be exemptfrom some skills where he or she is physically unable to achievethem. However, different pools have different policies. So we recommendyou contact your local pool before booking lessons.

Are there grants for swimming lessons for children with special needs?

Adaptive swimming programs allow people with injuries anddisabilities to experience the recreational and healing aspects ofspending time in the pool. This may involve special equipment,training and body movements. Grants offered by foundations withthese special needs in mind allow organizations to develop adaptiveswimming programs and facilities to serve people who otherwisewould not get to enjoy swimming. ="overflow:hidden;background-color:transparent;text-align:left;text-decoration:none;border:mediumnone">

How do you use behavior modification to prevent mouthing of objects in children with special needs?

Please do a lot of reading on the internet,or get infomation at thepediatricians office or just ask questions of medical professionalsyou trust.

What is the name for people who work with children that have special needs?

Special education teachers are one group who work with special needs children. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists also work with special needs children.

Is age-appropriate curriculum beneficial for children with special needs?

Most special needs children have an developmental age that might not be their true age, and this is determined by the specialists that work with them. So their age-appropriate curriculum may be adapted to their developmental age.

What Barriers are there for children with special needs to overcome in a mainstream school?

There can be so many barriers for kids with special needs in regular education. They can have physical or emotional barriers,or both.

Why is the US focused on special need children not on the opposite side of the spectrum the child geniuses?

The US is the leader of the Western world, they stuff up with their economy by pumpin billions into a false war, look what happens, the world suffers. They do not focus on child geniuses, or any geniuses for that matter because they think outside of the box. The US government does not want people to think outside of their box, they want people to go to work, live a consumerist lifestyle, live in fear and obey the system they have created to keep the masses down, to keep them from spiritual evolution. That was my short answer, lol. Peace n love to all :)

Does an adoption subsidy for special needs children reduce child support obligation in Ohio?

This would be considered a rebuttable presumption and is left up to the interpretation of the judge in accepting it as a deductible item. see link below

What attidude should teachers have towards children with special need?

Special needs teacher should exhibit an attitude of manner relevent (sp) to the inidividual's needs; must have the power of feeling; a great disposition because people can usually sense a bad disposition. Also, the teacher must have, in my opinion, an understanding of each person's needs AND attitude and have a desire to work with that. Above all love. "for the greatest of these is love (charity)".

Why do children need special treatment when they are young?

Because children can't do what they want to do. Parents give them permission and treatment.

Do special needs children need to be caught up to the grade level they are in?

No. Sometimes this will be virtually impossible. Its important to remember that the class the child is in will have work set that the government sees an average. In other words, what the majority of children should know and learn. However, for a child with special needs, the teacher will adapt the curriculum and teaching method to suit the child. Therefore, if you have a child with a mild learning disability such as dyslexia, resources and things will be put into place to help the child keep up and maintain work levels. However, if you have a child with severe autism and therefore poor communication and poor working memory skills, the child is less likely to retain information, and the teacher will work towards helping that child to get the best grades they can achieve. And this is always taken into consideration when the child is due to move up a class/leave school for high school. Each child's learning threshold and achievements are taken on individual merits.

How do you get out of special needs?

Have your parents complain to the principle. It works. Trust me. That's how I got out.

What are the characteristics of children with special needs?

The characteristics of a special need child vary. It is often hard to diagnose a disability in childhood because children develop at different rates; just because your child seems to be learning to walk or speak later than other children, does not mean that they have a disability. Most commonly, physical de formations such as widely set eyes are shown before any sign of a learning disability is. If you are concerned that your child may have a special need, your best bet is to go and see a specialist. It wouldn't hurt, even if you are unsure. Some types of special need are very profound even while the child is still young and especially while at school age. This is when the majority of special needs in children is detected. Things like dyslexia and ADHD will be very apparent and have almost undoubtedly recognisable signs. Children on the autistic spectrum, even those with high functioning autism will have some communication, social and emotional defects that will raise a flag of concern. Teachers will be able to use baseline assessment tests and mid term tests to see whether children are below the expected levels. Add in to the mix the concerns about a child's development socially, and its quite likely to pick up a need earlier on. Also, with regard to disability, lots of children are born with them. Things such as downs, hirschprungs disease, cerebal palsy and sensory impairments will require intervention from the moment they are born, as they have complications. Paediatricians can identify clear signs and characteristics and can diagnose very quickly. In agreement with the advice given above, I too would say, if in doubt, get it checked out.

What can you do to help special needs children?

The two most important things for a child with special needs are specialized care and integration. Specialized care is important because specialists can not only help short term, but they can develop long term solutions that will help the child progress further mentally, emotionally and physically. Integration is also very important because it allows the child to socialize and learn from other children whether they have special needs or not. Long term, this integration will help them adapt to social settings as they get older.

Why is 40 such a special number in the Bible?

A: Many of the earliest stories of Israel were handed down by word of mouth for centuries before finally being committed to writing. These include the number of days it rained before the Flood, the years wandering in the desert, the reigns of both David and Solomon, and so on. Forty was a commonly used number, simply because it was easy for the storyteller to remember. In the same way, the number of years of peace brought about by each of the major judges, or the number of years of their ruling, is a multiple of 20, except in the case of Jephthah, who is said to have ruled Israel for only 6 years. In these cases, the use of multiples of 20 probably provided enough variety to appear to be literally true, while remaining easy to remember.

Why do you refer to disabled children as special needs children?

because disabled children has come to be known as a derrogative term, meaning it makes people feel less than what they are really worth. these people are not disabeld, they can usually do all the things we can with the special needs they need to have.

What courses do you need to take at college to work with disabled and special needs children?

At most schools, you will take the core classes required for all students during your first two years of college. If you want to work with students with special needs, you probably would major in special education. However, it is always good to talk with a college advisor to explain what you want to do in the way of a career. An advisor can suggest the major that would help you to attain your career goals.

Is bullying special needs children illegal?

It's not illegal if other kids are doing it. However, if an adult is bullying a special needs child it could be considered discrimination.

Does sunshine state standards offer programs for special needs children?

Sunshine state standards offers lots of programs for special needs children. Check with your local office for more information or to sign up for amny programs

What is the process for getting services for special needs children?

For the united kingdom. Getting special needs provision is quite a complex process. If your child isn't already registered, you can contact your local children with disabilities team and ask for your child to be "put on the record". This is purely a database recording the needs of the children in the area. Also, you will be designated a support worker who can get your child leisure passes and things such as radar keys. Also, you should ask for a social services needs assessment. A social worker will visit you at home and you can chat about the needs of your child. If successful, and you meet criteria, you will be able to choose from receiving respite/time out care within the resources of the area, or to receive direct payments for you to employ someone to help you with the needs of the child for a few hours a week. With regard to help in school, you can get a statutory assessment done of the child. The local education authority will carry out a series of assessments. They will also ask for advice from professionals involved with the child such as social work team, behaviour support, sensory support, occupational therapy, medical advise and always the view of the school, parent and educational phsycologist. Dependant on the advice submitted, the local educational authority will decide whether a statement is required. However that is a very brief over view of the statementing process. You will need to check with the school that your child is at school action plus stage, and that school have already got care plans/individual education/behaviour plans in place. Every local education authority have a designated parent partnership service, and they are paramount in helping parents through the statementing service. You can find all these details and more on the direct gov website, on your councils website under either education or social care, or ask to speak with the SENCO at the school. Upon receiving a statement, you may be granted 1 to 1 support for several hours a week within school to help your child. There will also be guidelines of how the curriculum and structure of classes should be adapted to suit the needs of your child.

Should Special needs children be taught in mainstream?

no they are creations of the devil made with weird chins and messed up faces and if you look at them you turn to stone.

Why do you choose to work with special need children?

Special Needs children and adults have such purity and simplicity. They are unconditional and unselfish in their love. They speak the truth, but love to please others. They cause me to reevaluate my priorities, values, and prejudices....and put things into a more proper perspective. They remind me that the important things in this life are relationships, not fortune or fame!!

How do you as teachers assist children with special needs to achieve autonomy?

Teachers can assist children with special needs to help them achieve similar educational statuses by giving them more direct and specialized learning environments and courses.

Do children with autism and Asperger's need special diets?

Sometimes - each case is different. Many children with autism spectrum disorders tend to have digestive problems. Your pediatrician can check your children and advise you on the best dietary direction.

Do you need any special education to teach disable children?

I want to work with the children with please let me know if I need some special kind of education.....

Why is it important to test children who have special needs?

For the benefit and well-being of the special needs child, there are several tests administered by physicians and specialists to determine the limitations and medical or educational needs. . Your primary care physician can make recommendations to diagnosticians who are better able to properly diagnose the child and to get him started on a treatment plan. . There are several organizations in place to help assist patients and their families, depending on the diagnosis..

Where could one find teachers for special needs children?

One could check you local yellow pages. One could also talk to their local school district to find out what they have available. They have a lot of useful information.

What are the pros and cons of special needs children being intergrated into regular classrooms?

The pros of special needs children being integrated into the classroom are that the children will learn the skills needed to socialize with those of special needs. The cons would be that the class could be disrupted and it would be hard to teach children of special needs at the same pace as regular children within the same environment.

What services are provided by Children With Special Needs?

The services that are provided by Children With Special Needs is care and treatment of special needs kids. The company also provides schooling for special needs kids.

What college courses would I have to take to help children with special needs?

Some of the college courses that are required are child caretraining, CPR course, nutrition course.