Why doesn't money grow on trees?

Technically, Money does grow on trees seeing as for trade (i.e. Fruit and paper). Back in the 1800's trading was used as money such as wood. Also U.S. paper money is made f (MORE)

How do TV shows make money?

They make money by letting the channel put adverts in between to advertise other products, and also most shows have a quiz with a holiday as their prize where the question to (MORE)

Why can't money grow from trees?

if you are smart you would know that money can't grow from trees and you are the stupidest person alive also money is paper and you cant grow paper even if paper is made from (MORE)

Where did the duggars get their money from before the tv show?

Prior to their career on reality television, Jim Bob and MichelleDuggar supported their family through a variety of business andcivic ventures: ran a convenience store, a used (MORE)