Cigar lighter fuse on my1998 xj sovereign has blown when you replace it and turn the ignition on it blows again any ideas and does this fuse also work for the clock illumination and temp disp?

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2002 Hyundai On the inside fuse panel what does the room lp fuse supply It is blown and will blow again when it is replaced Any help will be appreciated Thanks Wade?

I have the same problem and have taken it to 2 dealerships and bestbuy car audio installers which is where i thought theproblem started but everything is hooked up right. some

You replaced a blown fuse on your Yamaha R9 Receiver plugged it in with nothing hooked up to it tuned it on and the fuse blew again Any ideas Thanks John?

You have a dead short in the circuitry, somewhere. Most likely it's in the audio output stage where one of the amplifier IC's has gone bad. That couls have also daisy chained
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Your battery was just replaced in your 2004 Toyota 4-Runner a few days later the rear wiper and rear washer does not work also the rear defroster no fuses are blown any ideas as to what might be wrong?

I had the same problem after a battery change in a 2003 4Runner. First I noticed the automatic window functions did not work. Then I noticed the rear wiper didn't work. I foll
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Blown fuse on windows in front they work with the truck off butt when i turn it on it blows the fuse?

Anytime a Fuse "Blows" . Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circui
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Why does my car cigarette lighter socket not work....the fuse is not do i replace the socket?

You need to find the correct lighter socket for ur type of vehicle, you could use a unviersal one to save some cash, but personally i rather to with OEM parts for this kind of